Do the benefits of the drug war outweigh its downfalls?

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  • Legalized Marijuana, Prescription Cold Medicines Eases Drug War

    The war on drugs can be eased by two simple things: legalizing marijuana and providing cold medicines by prescription only. Those two concepts, although seen as evils, may be necessary to alleviate our push to eradicate illegal drugs through our justice system. Legalizing marijuana eases violence along our border with Mexico where drug cartels are in control. Making cold medications with psuedoephedrine by presciption only prevents meth dealers from getting their hands on the key ingredient for their drug of choice. The benefits of the drug war are few--it leads to crowded prisons and a overburdened legal system that should focus on catching real criminals like child abusers and rapists.

  • Not by a long shot

    The costs of the war on drugs exceed its benefits and it always will, no ground is being made here. We are not close to some breakthrough that makes a significant change. I understand wanting to enforce things and keep illegal substances out of peoples hands, but at a certain point it has to be acknowledged this battle is not one that is going to be won.

  • Not many benefits of the war on drugs.

    The monetary cost of the war on drugs alone is tremendously high, and this hasn't gotten us very far. Every day, people are put in jail that never meant any harm or maybe didn't even have a choice. Being that it has become such a profitable industry it has led to more crime and violence.

  • There are few benefits to the War on Drugs.

    No, the benefits of the Drug War do not outweigh its downfalls. In fact, the benefits of the drug war have been few and far between. It has drastically increased our prison population by sending minor drug offenders to jail for years on end. It has also lead to increased gang activity since dealing drugs is such a risky and profitable endeavor. Our resources would have been far better spent on rehab for those with drug issues.

  • No, there are precious few benefits to drug war.

    Okay, so we got some "hardcore druggies" off the streets as opposed to them being out and about in the world.

    But none of this compares to the horrific effect that the drug war has had in terms of the social impact on inner cities, the thousands of lives lost to drug cartels, and the founding of yet another black market and all the violence and corruption that goes with it.

  • Not even Close

    I have lived it, have suffered it, and have assessed it! The only to benefit is the judicial machine,the military complex, and special interests!!! If one chooses to use a drug for benefit or recreation,even for worse it should be their decision!! Who does the government think they are morally judging something they know almost nothing about.
    The right of life ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness should guarantee you that!! How soon we forget!!

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