Do the benefits of the Hemp plant outweigh the dangers involved?

  • Yes absolutely the benefits do

    There are really no drawbacks to begin with.......those are lies from government to keep it illegal. Alcohol and cigarettes cause far more damage and deaths, than hemp ever did. So yes the benefits of hemp outweigh any dangers because frankly there are no dangers, it's all beneficial in the end of it.

  • Yes, since the hemp plant poses no danger.

    Hemp is a plant grown mainly for oil and fiber. It does not produce the intoxicating chemicals found in the flowers of the cannabis plant, although they are closely related and appear similar to the untrained eye. The only way a hemp plant could hurt you is if someone cut it down and whacked you with it.

  • Yes, the hemp plant has many benefits with relatively few dangers

    The hemp plant is one of the more useful plants in the world, with its ability to make a wide range of different products. Also, the marijuana harvested from this plant has a number of positive medical benefits. By legalizing hemp and marijuana, state and federal governments could significantly benefit financially by regulating and taxing it. There are very few risks involved with the hemp plant.

  • Absolutely. Pharmaceuticals and other man-made products are much more dangerous

    Many people tend to consider Hemp dangerous simply because it is not legal, and fail to acknowledge how dangerous prescription drugs or man made products can be. Hemp is natural and has been used for thousands of years. The same cannot be said for products or drugs who used unnatural substances. People often refer to the "dangers" of hemp, but the arguments cannot be back up with facts on what makes it dangerous.

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