Do the benefits of the NSA's domestic surveillance outweigh the harms?

  • Overall yes they do

    The NSA is responsible for thwarting attacks on this country before they happen. That doesn't mean I condone some of their actions and it doesn't mean I don't think they need to be refined, but they ARE helping keep us safer and we're better off with them than we would be without.

  • Absolutely 100% not

    The NSA is horrible spying on people to find girlfriends, our Allie leaders and millions of US citizens, I heard their even spying on Congress. We have to get rid of this horrible institution at once, and make a thorough apology for all the damage the NSA has done. That is all that needs to be said.

  • The benefits of the NSA's domestic surveillance do not outweigh the harms.

    The benefits of the NSA's domestic surveillance do not outweigh the harms. They should not be allowed to collect personal information from everyone like they are doing. They are out of control and they should not be allowed to keep doing this. I think it is wrong and harmful to be able to collect information for no reason.

  • No they do not.

    The fact is that those involved in terrorist activities are aware of what the NSA does to monitor their activities. Many of these groups know more about the NSA activities than we Americans do. They will find ways to go around what the NSA is doing. The only ones being hurt here are Americans.

  • Our Privacy Is Important

    The NSA's domestic surveillance program has not proven to boast any benefits and no one has claimed that it has stopped anything from happening. Therefore, the harms of the program far outweigh the benefits. Every citizen in this country, without being aware of it, has had to forfeit their right to privacy.

  • The benefits of the NSA's domestic surveillance don't outweigh the harms

    The benefits of the NSA's domestic surveillance do not outweigh the harms. This is because of the fact that mass amounts of public privacy is invaded due to the NSA's malicious acts against us. The small amount of information that is acquired to increase safety does not outweigh the harms.

  • NSA has gone to far

    Terrorist attacks are a horrible military tactic, but they do not give justification for a large government organization to spy on all of it's citizens. They infringe upon the rights of the US citizens and say it is to protect them, but in reality it is in their own benefit.


    1.Politicians in Europe are especially outraged. Citizens are angry with the US and losing faith in American brand names. Foreign companies are already using their non-American status as a competitive advantage. Some plan to redesign networks specifically to bypass U.S. Companies. The NSA continues to spy on Europe despite the fact they are aware of it, and the spying could result in multibillion euro consequences for American companies because of weakened trade relations. NSA is also eavesdropping on 34 other foreign leaders as well.

    2.Revelations of the extent of U.S. Spying on its European allies is also threatening to undermine one of President Obama's top trans-Atlantic goals: a sweeping free-trade agreement that would add an estimated $138 billion (100 billion euros) a year to each economy's GDP.
    A growing number of European officials are calling for the suspension of the "Safe Harbor" data-sharing agreement, which is vital to more than 4,200 American companies doing business in Europe, including Apple, Google, Face book, Microsoft, and Amazon. All these companies including internet companies operate globally. They get revenue from China, Japan, Russia, Germany, France and everywhere else. Angering foreign countries will badly affect these companies, and the people who work for them.

    3.For the Internet companies named in reports on NSA surveillance, their bottom line is at risk because European markets are crucial for them. For example, Facebook has about 261 million active monthly European users, compared with about 195 million in the U.S. And Canada, and 22% of Apple’s net income came from Europe in the first quarter of 2013.

    4.GM is an American multinational holding corporation that produces vehicles in over 37 countries, and has over 13 car companies under its branch including Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, and Pontiac. This multi company has already awe most gone bankrupt recently do to major trouble in Europe, if trade relations worsen it will make the problem even worse for this multi company including others having trouble in Europe such as Ford, Suzuki, and Toyota, even though Toyota only has about 10% of their total sales in Europe they need this % badly because of their major decrease in sales since 2012.

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