• Tracking vehicles license plates outways privacy concerns

    The benefits of tracking vehicle license plates most defiantly outweighs the privacy concerns. The ability to track a license plate can make it easier to locate a missing or wanted person. Tracking license plates can also give police and EMTS the ability to find you much faster if you are in an accident and unable to speak.

  • I think the benefits of tracking vehicle license plates outweigh the privacy concerns.

    I think that being able to track vehicle license plates will be a good way to keep the community safe and deter criminals from breaking the law. I also think that it will make it easier for authorities to find suspects. I do not think there should be any concerns regarding privacy issues.

  • Leave car owners in peace

    There are far too many laws, taxes, and restrictions on vehicle ownership as it stands. Allowing the state to track vehicle license plates under the guise of "security" is too much. I can see the need for each vehicle to be registered when it changes ownership, but that should be the end of it. Let people drive.

  • Already Probably Have GPS in Cars

    Tracking vehicle license plates is a gross invasion of privacy, but there are probably systems in place in cars that probably have GPS trackers already embedded in them. Privacy is part of the freedoms Americans enjoy, but unfortunately there is much less privacy in the United States today thanks to the NSA and its electronic spying programs.

  • Scan and discard - do not store the information just because you can

    My concerns are with the length of time that the information is stored, and the number of private sector companies that actually own the information and sell access to law enforcement.

    I'm willing to accept a 'scan and discard' system that checks to see if a car with a specific license plate is stolen, if the owner/driver is wanted for a criminal offense, or to locate someone who is the subject of an Amber/Silver alert.

    Tracking vehicles and storing the records of innocent citizens movements just because you 'might' need the information for data mining violates our civil rights.

  • Privacy Trumps Efficiency When It Comes To License Plate Tracking

    Yes, it can be said that the technology to track license plates of cars as they drive on the road could be positive in a few ways. For example, if a crime is committed, police can find the location of a possible getaway car. If a person's car is stolen, the police can track the location of the car. However good the benefits are however, it is a very slippery slope. If technology like this is required, what will be next? The tracking of law-abiding citizens? Look at everything the NSA has been accused of recently. Is this something that we want more of?

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