Do the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks?

  • Untested and money making hoax.

    It's amazing how these vaccines are given when they haven't even been tested. It's an easy money making scam from all the drug companies selling these products. They do not care about our health and are more bothered about making a quick quid. This seriously needs looking into. But I seriously believe that there is more than meets the eye here. Are they trying to kill us off on purpose. I cannot believe the powers that be would turn a blind eye to this.

  • Vaccines are good.

    The studies that show a link from vaccines to autism are questionable, and given the benefits that vaccines have brought to society I cannot think of a reason why the risks would outweigh those benefits. Polio is no longer a serious health concern. That in and of itself should speak wonders as to the benefits of vaccines. Measles, mumps, and rubella are nowhere near as common as they used to be, either.

  • Yes, we need vaccination.

    The benefits of vaccination are very clear. Dangerous diseases have been wiped out completely due to vaccination efforts. This is incredibly important. People who don't vaccinate themselves or their children are putting the entire community at risk by potentially allowing the diseases to gain a foothold back into the community.

  • Greater understandings in science, including modern medicine, will continue to benefit mankind.

    Vaccinations have helped eliminate the suffering and death of countless children worldwide, and will continue to do so. Vaccinations have also been responsible for eliminating certain diseases entirely. Science is a pillar of mankind. It elevates us, improves our lives and reduces ignorance and suffering. As our understanding of science ever increases, the condition of man will ever strengthen.

  • Safer than getting the illness

    For those of you who believe this is a money making scheme, treating the illness will cost more than getting the vaccine. If I wanted to make money in a pharmaceutical company, I wouldn't be making vaccines, I'd be making medicine. There are always side effects to everything. Sometimes your body is just different. It works fine for others.

  • The Study of Evolving Microbes

    Study the evolution of microbes and you'd understand why. These Pathogens are ever evolving and will continue to do so. We need more research in vaccinations before we see a severe epidemic breakout of TB or one of the worser. Medical companies don't invest in the research of more vaccines because they are not as profitable as longterm needed drugs.

  • Vaccines Do Work!

    Several diseases that used to instill fear of death in those who caught them are no longer a problem thanks to vaccines. Polio and smallpox are GONE. Children no longer have to suffer through chicken pox (a disease that 100 people died of each year when I was young). Getting vaccinated protects not only YOUR children, but society as a whole.

  • Are You Stupid

    Vaccines help people; its obvious from statistics. Would you rather your child actually get the disease and have to suffer? Side affects for vaccines are rare. Most children only experience a slight fever for a few days. There has been no study linking vaccines to Autism, and allergic reactions are very rare. Therefore, there is no risk.

  • For most, yes.

    I support vaccination, although would like to see more support of parent choice - in NZ you have to take a like 6 in 1 shot, and cannot choose to selectively vaccinate against only those diseases you feel justify the )small) risk. In New Zealand this means we are forced to take a whole load of vaccines if we as a parent want our child vaccinated against even just 1-2 of them. They do not come individually here. Also I do not think one size fits all, some children with particularly sensitive systems should either not be vaccinated or have vaccination delayed. I think there needs to be more research helping to identify those most at risk from an adverse reaction so that those people can be advised more particularly, and different strategies and options made available. Most of all I would like to see independent research, requirements for ALL research to be published and for non partisan advisory services or groups to exist to give the REAL pros and cons and statistics to parents. I found anti-vaccination groups promulgated lots of outdated and incorrect information and governmental agencies to be so pro vaccination only selective data was provided. It is next to impossible to locate accurate balanced information on this issue.

  • Just look at statistics.

    Do you see small pox anymore? Measles? Polio? Bacterial meningitis caused by Hib? These are all eradicated in the United States or are rare. Why? Because of vaccines. Children (and adults) used to become sick and die or have permanent long term effects from these diseases. Vaccines also provide a herd immunity which stops infection from spreading to non vaccinated individuals. However, if only a small number are vaccinated, then there is not adequate herd immunity.

    Some facts about diseases:
    Polio: causes physical disability and/or death; 350,000 cases world wide (1988); 187 cases (2012)
    Measles: very infectious with 1/100 deaths in developing countries and 3/1000 deaths in the US yearly
    Hib: causes deadly bacterial meningitis, deafness, seizures, and/or mental retardation. 600 deaths/year (before 1987) and <10 deaths/year (since 1994)

    Also, vaccinations require years of extensive research (12-15 years) before they are approved and given to humans. Research is currently being done to produce vaccinations for different types of cancer and HIV.

  • Vaccinations are the main cause of serious allergies

    Pharmaceutical companies are allowed to self-affirm generally recognized as safe ingredients. This means that they pay for a study, they have their expert buddies review the study, then they can use the ingredient without disclosure to the public, government, doctors, victims (patients) that aluminum, peanut oil, or any of the other junk they have determined is GRAS is in the vaccine. And the secrecy is protected by International Trade Agreements! So the peanut allergy epidemic is directly caused by vaccinations!

  • Too much vested interest.

    The very fact that you cannot get unbiased FACTS about vaccines from doctors and health visitors is enough to make me suspicious. Never mind all the other evidence to suggest that there is a real risk from vaccines. NO ONE can state that vaccines are safe and effective. The evidence simply isn't there. That a young mother can take her 8 week old baby in to a doctor's office and be told as much without being given a balanced view is so very wrong. Too much profit for big Pharma - it's not in their interest to tell the truth.

  • Nasty Ingredients, untrue benefit, a bunch of lies around.

    Mercury, Formaldehyde, SV40, virus, fetuses, chicken embryos, monkey kidney's, really? It is not true that vaccines are contributor of stopping epidemics. Illness were already gone by the time vaccines were introduced. When you go to an appointment it is amazing how the only thing they basically do is vaccinate. There is never advice about avoiding artificial colorants, processed food, etc. Like vaccines are a magic trick. Wake up, there is not a genetic epidemic!

  • Vaccinations make me queasy

    It is hard to trust the cdc when they have so many contradictions. The cdc claims that a person can get a thousand vaccinations at once, with no harm done to the body. However, when military men were getting very sick from getting multiple vaccinations, the cdc changed their schedule for THOSE men, strong, healthy middle aged men, to get fewer vaccinations at one time. However, they somehow still stand by their original claim for our vulnerable infants. They need to get their stories straight.

  • Not enough evidence

    I've been searching trying to find information so I can make an informed decision about whether to give my son allergy shots and there's very little showing anything about whether all the additives in allergy shots are doing long-term harm. They've been giving allergy shots for so many years and they are not determining if the additives are causing harm??? This raises red flags for me. Allergies are increasing in people as well as auto-immune deficiencies, but no evidence as to why? I'm thinking the pharma industry doesn't want us to know the truth.

  • Vaccination destroyed my immune system.

    I was sick a lot as a child. I still am due to mercury dental fillings and never having recovered fully from vaccination induced pneumonia and allergies and digestive problems and mental problems. I made all A's first through third grade. I won all races I was in. Then I received mercury dental fillings and more vaccinations and I could no longer focus. Not to mention school got more boring by the hour. But I had no concentration or energy. I became addicted to coffee in high school but it wasn't enough to help me be a successful student. I still struggle and I believe I have low functioning Asperger's syndrome undiagnosed.
    Thank you for writing about the devastating effects of vaccinations.

  • Untested and money making hoax.

    It's amazing how these vaccines are given when they haven't even been tested. It's an easy money making scam from all the drug companies selling these products. They do not care about our health and are more bothered about making a quick quid. This seriously needs looking into. But I seriously believe that there is more than meets the eye here. Are they trying to kill us off on purpose? I cannot believe the powers that be would turn a blind eye to this.

  • These vaccines are largely untested

    Studies have shown that most diseases were already in decline beforehand and through the manipulated use of statistics. The vaccination brigade have tried to jump on the bandwagon and claim it is all down to them. The powers that be should educate more about improving our own immune system and our bodies will then look after themselves as nature intended. When I was a child I was 'given' mumps which has protected me for life.

  • Vaccines are unsafe.

    The vaccines do more damage than good. A healthy and strong immune system can be achieved through good nutrition and good hygiene. Vaccine induced immunity unlike real immunity is temporary. Vaccines are made with all sorts of additives that are neurotoxic, especially for the infant's immature immune system. This would make vaccines unsafe for newborn children.

  • Vaccines don't work.

    Vaccine side-effects are supposedly rare, but I'm not going to put myself or my family in the line to find out how 'rare'. In my personal experience, I have seen that vaccinated kids are the sickest, and autism is not the only side-effect. Doctors I spoke to don't acknowledge the risks associated with vaccines. So who's going to be responsible if someone in my family is affected? I am and I'm going to make sure I do everything I can to keep my family healthy!

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Anonymous says2013-03-15T17:18:21.403
Yes & No:

It depends on what disease we are trying to prevent with vaccination. Polio, Measels, Mumps, Rubella, Smallpox: these vaccines really helped wipe out these diseases. However, vaccines against viruses such as Influenza (the whole flu shot campaign), where the disease keeps periodically mutating, we are playing with genes trying to match up the mutation, lots of money gone down the drain & mankind is not clear about the benefits, leave alone the horrible long term side effects possible with immunocompromised population.
lowell.hubbs says2013-03-16T05:28:12.857
You are incorrect. What you see for statements up on the right side of this page, are the real facts. Please educate yourself to the unbiased truth, and the unbiased science directly showing the mechanisms of harm done by vaccines, including the science that shows directly the vaccine links to ASD. Ask yourself, how can there be that much existing science showing the truth, yet all we see the CDC ever acknowledge is the epidemiological studies they funded, on only one vaccine, the MMR, and one vaccine ingredient, Thimerosal. Certainly you can comprehend that-that alone would not be anywhere near to a conclusive level of vaccine safety so called science.