• Coming from an athesist

    I think the bible does mean something, a lot of the times meanings get distorted and taken out of context. Although some of the verses and commandments are pretty outmoded in today's society, I feel that you can take something away from it. It's just like reading any other book.

  • My gut tells me no.

    I haven't given the 'code' stuff any more than cursory treatment as an admission of objectivity here. However, for the Bible to be code would be extraordinary. As a historian, which shapes my view of scripture, there is a reason each of the books of the Bible were written. Paul's letters to the Corinthians, The Synoptic gospels each being a 'sermon' intended for a different audience. It would be spectacularly coincidental to have multiple authors (putting aside issues of uncertain authorship of some of the Biblical Chapters) create different sermons and somehow have a coherent code. It would be difficult for a single author to do this, and well neigh impossible for multiple authors geographically isolated in many cases to do this.

    Additionally, there is an aspect of the gnostic movement here. The belief that there was a 'secret' Biblical code that only the most devote could see and understand. The ideas of 'secret Mark' were thoroughly discredited many centuries ago. The view of God who hides from his Creation having long ago been rejected in view of an egalitarian loving God. The revelation of 'secrets', of knowing and unknowing, was far more about political power than a relationship with God ... An instrument of control in which secrets were granted only to the most loyal ... Secrets revealed through man, not Heavenly Father.

    IMHO, that idea was rejected soundly and, IMHO, correctly.

  • The bible is meaningless

    As it could mean many opposing things at the same time.
    It cancels it's self out on many many occasions, heck how many versions of Christianity are there based on the different contradicting interpretations alone? You don't get the same result with math or claims supported with objective evidence which would turn a claim into a fact.

  • I hope not anyway

    The problem with the bible codes is that they are not revealed to everyone and anyone who reads the bible. There are also negative bible codes such as "God is dead" for example which suggests God is not the author. There are three possibilities; they are a accidents, encoded by man or God.

    I don't know yet but this should be proven with further research and questions in order to debunk it.

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