• Clothes can affect the way our children learn.

    If a fellow stunt of a child were to wear bright clothing or just something distracting in general, a student would spend a greater amount of time focusing on the other child's clothing than their own school work. That is why clothing can affect the way a child learns .

  • No bitches all be crazy

    I like to dress a certain way and feel like I do it in a calm reasonable fashion, im crazy ahh ndfoi invon fuvk bitches! If you leave a load in a girls eye, is she watching the kids? Lol just answer, im bored, ahh im not learning right now

  • First Impressions Greatly Affect How Others Treat You

    When looking at another person, one can automatically tell whether they like that person or not. Often, the deciding factor can be their possible ripped jeans, maybe a too-baggy t-shirt, or even just ratty old tennis shoes. Looking at someone dressed like this, one would immediately assume that the person does not care and has no interest in learning. Teachers, also making judgments based on first impressions, may take these clothes as a sign of a student who genuinely couldn't care less, who can't be helped. This may hinder the student's learning experience, even if they actually are very interested. The same goes for if a teacher sees someone dressed up well. When a student wears high heels and dresses to school every day, most people get the impression that this person has no worries, and can pay their way through most everything. Most may not admit it, but first impressions mean a lot. If a teacher feels that a student can pay their way into college, the teacher naturally won't feel as obligated to help the student go "above and beyond". Some may argue that this is not the case where they live, or that stereotypes are really at fault, and maybe that is true. However, unless America decides as a whole to stop using stereotypes, they will continue on. It is important to realize that no matter how much you know or how fast you think, your appearance will often tell people more about you than your words ever will.

  • It Certainly Does!

    As a boy back in the 7th & 8th grade I speak from experience. At that time there was a girl in my class that would wear a shirt that totally exposed her belly. She also wore a sweater that while was not as short as her belly shirt, even as she had her arms at her side her lower belly was still exposed. As a 13 and 14 year old boy with raging hormones, I was watching her all day not paying attention to the teacher! For that very reason I say they do in fact affect learning. This was back in the 70's when belly shirts and short sweaters were not as common as today. I don't think anyone knew just how distracting it could be. As the principal had commented on her belly shirt one day saying; "You couldn't find a shirt that fits today"? It was said in a very lighthearted way that he and the girl just laughed it off!

  • Girls wearing revealing clothing

    When I was a boy of 13 in the 7th & 8th grade there was a girl that would wear a that revealed her belly and belly button. On days when she wore that shirt it was a total distraction for me! She also wore a sweater that revealed a little of her belly,when she stretched you would see her entire belly. Clothes do affect learning!

  • To Some Extent

    I think when you have young kids and especially teenagers, their learning can be affected by the clothes they and other students wear. Teenagers can be especially cruel and pick on a person based on the smallest things, including clothing. I think it is far better to have a plain environment, including uniforms, in school settings.

  • Clothes Can Show Off

    Clothes are a part of a child's personality. However, there comes a limit to the types of clothes that can be worn because eventually they become a statement and a distraction. If a girl shows up one day in jeans and a t-shirt and then the next is decked out in a mini-skirt, heels and a tight-fitting blouse, the more risque outfit should be for date night and not the learning process. The more jaw-dropping get up is simply to attract the boys and not to learn anything. In the food chain of the schoolyard, of course the clothing worn affects how kids learn. When it's not about learning and more about attracting, clothes simply become a distraction from the purpose of a formal education.

  • Yes, clothes have an effect on learning.

    If a child does not have the clothes that other kids approve of, that can affect his or her self confidence. Style is important, which is why uniforms sometimes work. However, the clothing can not be too formal or too casual. Uncomfortably formal clothing can inhibit creativity but clothing that is too casual breeds a nonchalance that doesn't foster learning.

  • Clothing Does Matter

    Many schools have decided to require uniforms to facilitate equality in dress. While this may be extreme, clothing does play a role in the learning environment. Inappropriate clothing, such as short shorts and skirts, can detract from the learning environment. It can also distract other students and cause the students wearing it to be labeled. Uniforms may be a bit extreme, but some type of dress code should be regularly enforced in schools.

  • No it doesn't

    The reason why it doesn't affect learning is because usually girls or guys wear something comfortable. They aren't just gonna dress like sluts and be very uncomfortable. I think that if girls and guys can't wear what they want then there would be more complaining and less learning. I feel that it shouldn't matter as long as they are comfortable and they are learning

  • Boys are not attracted to shoulders

    I mean yeah if someone walked into school naked it would be rather distracting but that is not happening. Yes i'm sure girls would love to see a guy be shirtless and a guy likes to see a girl in booty shorts but in the end if someone actually wants to learn they will and whatever the person next to them is wearing wont effect that.

  • Its strict uniform that effects education!

    So i never got in trouble for uniform or anything so this isnt coming from anger this is coming from sitting back and watching. Stick uniform effects people education. Hear me out here... Yes uniform is good it stops bullying and make people feel part of something. But putting someone in isolation and detention for wearing black trainers instead of smart shoes, a different colour sock instead of black or grey, black jeans instead of trouser ect. This effects there education by the process of telling them that its wrong, them getting in trouble for it and then missing hours of lessons and getting crappy sup work with no support! Collages ect dont have uniform and they still work fine and people dont give care what your wearing. Ive been to two different collages scene i left secondly school and not once did anyone comment on how i was dressed!

  • Effect on learning

    The clothes people wear to school don't effect their learning. I really think people should get to wear the clothes they want with approoval from a parent or a person along that line. If it's not too inaproprite or uncomfatable it's okay to what they wear. If it's too scratchy or ect they might need to take a rain check on what they wear.

  • No it doesn't.

    The only way that the clothes kids wear would affect how they learn is if a piece of clothing is horribly uncomfortable. This might affect things. Otherwise it really doesn't make much of a difference. Kids are either going to learn, or they are not. Clothing is not an important factor.

  • Clothing does not effect how children learn

    The clothes children choose wear to school will not effect how they learn as long as it is comfortable. The environment they are learning in and the materials available to them to facilitate the learning process has more effect on how well they learn then what they are wearing in class.

  • Clothes do not equate to learning.

    There must be some research behind this but I can't understand it. What do clothes have to do with learning. I can't see how learning has anything to do with the type of clothes you wear. I don't think that clothing can effect the way learning occurs in a kid.

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