• Yes, the cons of caffeine use outweigh the pros.

    I think that the pros of caffeine are not worth the negative side effects of using it. While a lot of people depend on caffeine to get through a day, it is something some people need to use in moderation as well. People can develop a dependence on them and become addicted.

  • The cons to caffeine outweigh the pros

    People use caffeine to unnaturally give themselves a boost of energy. That is the pro. There's really no other positive aspects of caffeine. Depending on the delivery system of the caffeine, there may be a number of cons. The universal con is that caffeine constricts blood vessels. This can eventually lead to, or incite a heart attack. Considering all the other negative effects of whatever delivery system you choose for caffeine, I would say that a heart attack is reason enough not to drink caffeine.

  • No, there are still lots of things in favor.

    Naturally it would not be wise to drink cups and cups of caffeinated beverages throughout every day, but a cup or two or three spaced out when they are most needed for a boost is a good thing and does provide some of the antioxidants that are actually beneficial for our bodies.

  • Too much caffeine is bad but don't take it away.

    When I heard that people could go into caffeine withdrawal I was a little shocked. Then I started to think about it and it makes sense. Some people drink coffee or other drinks with caffeine in it every day and caffeine is a stimulant. Soon having caffeine becomes your bodies new normal. So you have to treat caffeine like any other drug.

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