Do the contradictions between religions prove that most of them are false? Why should i pick one n play the lottery for salvation?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Why play the lottery game my friend... Well because there is only one ball(Christianity) in the machine.

    With only one ball in the machine, how can you possibly lose? You must believe on The Lord Jesus for Salvation. Put all Faith and Trust in him and obey his word my friend. Thank you and may God bless you all. With Love in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Contradictions aren't even needed.

    There is evidence for gods in almost every ancient group of people way before Jesus and they didn't have their god come down and prove he existed. Humans make up gods for two reasons; one, gods can be seen as protectors or friends that ensure some sort of comfort or relief or empowerment through life, and make the inevitable threat of death seem less scary, and two, to persuade others of their beliefs in what they think is right. Some people can't argue, so saying that what they think is right is the will of god or gods, is kind of a fail safe. While I can't disprove that a god or gods might exist, they seem to be nothing more than human ideologies, which sadly means that atheists and agnostics won't be able to laugh at religious people when we die. What's important, is that no one should follow a religion just because that's what you've been brought up with. Make your own opinions on modern day issues, and don't let your religion tell you what's right or wrong. Rules may me man made, or god made, but ALL are man chosen. Or woman chosen. (Not being sexist). I understand my argument is a little off topic, but there's enough evidence outside of a poorly written book to try and prove that most religions are definitely wrong

  • Tricky Terms Used.

    The poster of this uses trickery in choosing the terms used. He says "most of them are false". I hate to be sided with arrogant brainless Atheists because the poster likes to use "most" to avoid criticism; it's obvious that he thinks all of them are false.
    Anyways, if one is right, of course the others (or the "most") are false. Because they contradict the one that's true.
    Atheists get more annoying and ignorant day by day. Gosh

  • WE may never know which religion is correct, and that's OK.

    Until you die, there is NO way of knowing what religion is right. Even then its very small chance that we will be in a state of remembering or reasoning. If atheists are right then there wont be any knowing after death and if more involved religions such as Christianity is right then its simply an unfair and bias test, in that case life is a joke. Other religions such as Hinduism say we will keep being reincarnated without remembering (at least normally) and in Wicca we believe in a lot of different ideas.

    It is unreasonable for someone to pick their religion simply because of fear of death and damnation. But personally i would rather burn then live with an unjust god.

    Pick what makes sense, where your questions are answered wile your alive, what you are comfortable with even in adversity.

  • We have only one reality.

    And there are thousands of different opposing beliefs about what happens to us when we die. Obviously god doesnt speak to us. If he does he only speaks to a select few and lets the rest be misled. But i cant believe that for reasons that should be obvious to the people reading this. Sadly religion prevents people from using their logic to follow through common sense knowedges to their final conclusion. In short religious people have no common sense. They are the scum of the earth and they are the principal enemy of moral progress in the world. They are tools for our leaders to build or destroy whatever they want to build or destroy. Please explain to me how we know right from wrong and know god exists but we need religion. Why did jesus only just arise to die for our sins. Obviously people before us didnt need jesus because god didnt send him to everybody. This means one of two things. Either jesus isnt the only way to heaven or everybody else was just destined to go to hell with no chance of being saved and god decided to just save a few of us in the end. If god truely wrote a religion then they wouldnt all become outdated. Eventually moral progress kills all gods and sends them to the gigantic cemetery we call mythology. Its happening to christianity now. Eventually people will look back and laugh at your beliefs and call them mythology. People will look back and say things like look at what they did to animals. They were no better than slave owners. Everybody is "doing gods will". The only problem with that is that the people who are doing gods will are working against each other so thats easily debunked. Everybody just thinks they are doing gods will while the evidence of randomness is all around us. I wish that we were going to have an afterlife and that you pious idiots would be proven wrong (which you would be even if there was a god) but sadly all the evidence is against it. If there is a god im not supposed to beileve in him. But most people are going to believe what they want to believe regardless of what their gods and common f ing sense says. Im steffon reminding you that you need to grow the f up and stop believing like angry little children.

  • Yes, it does prove that most religions are false but, it doesn't prove that all are.

    The Fact of the matter is that there is only one true God, one true religion, and in that religion, there's only one true church (Matthew 16:18-19)(Ephesians 1:22-23)(Ephesians 4:4). I also would like to add that an individual isn't able to join the church of your choice because the Bible teaches us that the Lord's adds new believers to the church. (Acts 2:47)

  • It's the number of gods.

    All religions differ in some way. Some, because they are based on entirely different scriptures as in Christian and Buddhist, others differ because of different translations or editing of the scriptures such as, well, any of the branches of Christianity. Because the problem lies in the editing or interpretation done by people after the fact, this would not prove the original or their deity false.
    What does prove, or at least show strong evidence, that gods do not exist is the fact that so many have been believed in around the world at one time or another. One thing that I have found consistent in all gods is that they are responsible for earthy factors. Some, like the Christian god, are claimed to have created everything, where others are more specific like Poseidon was the god of the sea or Vulan being the god of fire. Seeing that a god would have control over something, and told people of his control, obviously he would let this control be known to all. There would be no logical reason why they would only tell a small group. Problem is, until the religion traveled outside the region, nobody had ever heard of that god. In many cases, they have another god that claims to have control of that factor. In a god is so powerful that they have such control over something, then why would another culture claim otherwise?
    It is said that people disguise their greatest weakness as their greatest strength. This tends to be true with religion. They believe that their greatest strength is their god yet have no evidence that it even exists. The more powerful the god, the weaker their argument becomes. In this example, I will use the Christian god.
    Example: The Christian bible claims at two points in ancient history (specifically events in Genesis) that all mankind would have believed in the one god. First being Adam and Eve. Seeing that he spoke to both of them and they were the only two people at the time. All mankind would know of one god. The second was a bit later just after the great flood. It claims that the only survivors where Noah and his family. Seeing that Noah was a preacher of sorts and god felt them worthy, his family would also believe in the one god, especially after seeing his power first hand. This would mean that all mankind would have the god as part of their ancestors belief, yet they don't. In fact, outside the region where the religion was first known, knowledge of the god was not known till travelers came to their region.
    Have you ever known a religious parent who did not teach their children about their god? Sure, it is possible that some may have not passed it on but the odds of one group knowing exact details yet all other groups having no knowledge of it at all is unbelievable.

  • You should take action to live a meaningful life, that is your responsibility (that is salvation for me)

    Religions may have different points of view, but that does not mean they are false, they just provide different answers to different needs. It is like political parties, not because they disagree means that they are false. They just pursue different interests.

    Religion has emerged independently through history in many cultures, and that is because humans have the natural need to believe in something and organize themselves to live in a community. Religion provides an answer for that. It also provides a guideline so you live a meaningful life and achieve the highest human development possible.

    My religion states that killing, raping, stealing, harming, lying are bad behaviors. I do not care if it is Allah, Jesus or Mary, or if there were 5 or 12 apostles, what is important is that you have a good relation with your surroundings, with your family, friends, and community. The religion that allows you to do that is the right one for you. Take into account that people have different needs, and thus, different solutions (religions) are needed, it is your duty to research which path to follow. On that path you may encounter other people who share your beliefs and hopefully those will be the same religion. There are a lot of congregations inside a religion, so surely there will be a place were there are people like you.

    You are not alone if you think that it is outdated to believe that an old man in the clouds is watching you and will strike you with a lightning if you misbehave. People may be wrong about teaching religion and even in preaching it. There are a lot of bad things in people who preach. But it is duty of every member of a society to fix what is wrong. Religion as an institution is good when you know how to use it, just like political parties in a democracy.

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