Do the Countless child Sex Abuse cases in the Roman Catholic Church prove that the Catholic Church is Evil and False?

  • It takes a village to shield a predator

    They actively shield predators. The catholic church will never punish their priests. They only thing that will get a priest in trouble is if they oppose the pope and confront the false church.
    Molesting 100 kids? Not a problem.
    Teaching that the Mary is not a saint or intermediator? Out with him!

    What did pope do to all the cases? He said oops sorry.
    They even let the priests still be with children. The send them off to another place. How many priests have been fired? Only a very few of them.

    Obviously you are so in love with the church that thousand or millions kids being systemically molested is not a red flag for you.

    They are the harlot on 7 hills by the way that has made all the nations drunk.

  • Proving things is overrated

    I feel like it's entirely possible that the Roman catholic church is everything they claim to be and they just keep getting paedophiles as priests by accident, Or something. It makes it seem much more likely than otherwise, Sure, But definitely does not prove anything. Leave that to the mathematicians.

    Posted by: cdo
  • Attributions of the parts should not be applied to the whole.

    For this poll I am assuming we are talking about the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church only. To start, It is illogical to apply the evil of some clergy members to the entire Roman Catholic Church, And is a fallacy of composition to do so. So do the sex abuse cases "prove" the Roman Catholic Church evil and false, No.

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