• That is were the saying came from

    "Same old stuff, different day." People often get in a routine and every day is pretty much the same. Most people just do not have the funds to switch up their days that much. The rest probably work to much to see that much difference between one day to the next. Either way, it leaves many of us to think, we just did this yesterday.

  • Yes, the days in most people's lives seem to be the same.

    I think that for most people, their lives seem to be the same everyday. Most people work and come home to do the same chores most of the week. The weekend is really the only time they have any kind of variety in their lives. And even then, it's still boring.

  • The days in one's life often seems to be identical

    The days in one's life often seems to be identical. Just take a look at the average person living on this earth. One could easily come up with the conclusion that most people live boring, meaningless lives dictated by daily routines. Most people work, sleep, eat, and do a few things different, but they are somewhat the same. Only a few people break that patter and life a different unidentical life.

  • No, I think the days in one's life seem different.

    While every day may have the same routine there are always things that vary one day from another from very simple choices such as what to eat for lunch to big things such as projects or assignments you are working on at your job, I think every day has enough variety.

  • We only do the same things.

    No, the days in one's life do not often seem to be identical, they only seem that way because we often do the same things. We go to the same job, eat the same foods, and live in the same places. But each day is unique, and we bring our own perspective of the day to it.

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