• They killed the past

    Luke becomes a bitter old man a lousy Jedi Teacher. Han and Leia have one evil son and never talk to each other again.
    The protagonist is from palatine who somehow manages to get Han killed and ends up killing a redeemed kylo ren and wipes out the jedi and all its rich history.

    All to create a new legacy filled with force sensitive people who do not need light sabers or training to do whatever the writer wants.

    Keep in mind that they want to expand the story and create 9 more films. The comics were cool they had Luke getting married and all of the children becoming heroes and having adventures.

    Disney just flushed the creativity and replaced it with two bit hacks who only make 2nd rate movies.

  • Purely no storyline

    The force awakens is basically a new hope.
    Starkiller base is just the Death Star Poe is Han Rey is Luke and finn is Leia and BB8 is R2-D2
    Kylo Ren is just a Vader wannabe snoke is just a weak Palpatine
    The basic enemy unit is the same Stormtroopers! Nothing original not even Rey’s yellow lightsaber it is just some of her Star with some stupid ring to turn it on!

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