Do the elderly play an important role in society?

  • Yes they are important

    Ever since the start of human race, Family unity and even tribesmenship were considered the most important concept of the universe. Elders are given the responsibility of nurturing and supporting the younger ones and giving them a social position and rights successfully. As they say; "Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance"

  • Respect to elderly people

    FROM THOSE PEOPLE THAT EXPERIENCE LIFE AND THEY ARE THE WISEST. You people use you brain don't [go and read on the ancient Greece EUTHANASIA] then you will see how elders were treated long ago. That made me cry crocodile tears. PLEASE DON'T BE STUPID.

  • YEs they do.

    They help caring and volunteering a lot. Old people are actually underestimated about their contributions to the society, And they play a vital role to a balanced society and they help the culture of the country and a space. Also, Elderly are willing to help and they will be more important later.

  • They are true hero's whome we should respect and follow

    Many of the families still belief that what they are know are because of there elders, Its due to there hard work that we are stable today. Being a Pakistani and Muslim I belief that we should respect our elders because they are our hero's. May they live long

  • Absolutely, And the problem is we don't listen to them any more

    Society is changing fast too fast, Young people always seem to cocky and think they know it all, This always happens. Brats, The big problem is elders were respected in times past because few made it too old age so they were viewed as very special and wise. Not all change is good, Change can happen to fast and society can become unstable, And this is exactly what I see now as I approach 60 and old age.

  • Elders play an important role in the society

    The population of elders are increasing world wide. Citizens in each country gives different perspectives about what elders really mean to them and why are elders are so much important to them. Importance of elders can be seen in two different views: firstly, Elders importance in the society and secondly, Their importance in the society. In the families they play an important part as "great role models". In the society they are very influential. Go deep into your past moments of life, There always stands a elder who has helped you. Elders are diverse in wisdom and knowledge and can pass them on to younger generations. So we should give prime respect towards them.

  • Guys your opinions are all wrong!

    Elders form the base of our pyramid , that is our culture. In there absence we would fail to exist. You should read up on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. They too need warmth, love, care and respect. By respect I am not saying you should let them dictate your thoughts but you should rather hear them out. Without this base we would fall badly. They might be different but 'age is just a number'.

  • They are pillars of our society

    Elders re pillars of our society. Our traditions and cultures along with religion and history gets passed through them to the oblivious young generation. Parents clearly have no time for it but children spending time with elders who have all the time to say their own life experiences as well as teach what books cannot, give these young ones the treasure that is in their hearts and brains. They play a major role in character building of the generation coming after them.
    They should be taken seriously even if sometimes they sound crazy and annoying, try to understand you have no idea about the life they have led. Learn from them as much as you can. And seeing them in old age homes truly shatters my heart.
    Elders can become our best friends.

  • Old will always be gold !

    Old will always be gold They are the people who made our future possible . Their every little achievement in the past helped to shape the future . We could not be here if their sacrifice and sweat was not an element of the past.When we cross old age we too would not want a room in a forgotten place where we live a lonely life....

  • They are important because without them there is no us.

    If elders did not exist we would not and they bring joy to all of our communities. The elders help keep us happy and they help our parents take care of us. They tell us their mistakes and we learn to fix our mistakes. With the elders we are compleet

  • They are grumpy and useless

    They are grumpy and useless they suck I hate them I hope they all get medicated and throw into homes. They are grumpy and useless they suck I hate them I hope they all get medicated and throw into homes. They are grumpy and useless they suck I hate them I hope they all get medicated and throw into homes.

  • I keep hearing that seniors play an important role in our society; I would like to know what role they play.

    Senors existed before we did therefore respect and obey them... Is this the only answer to my question? Our seniors being smarter than previous generations' seniors is not a valid argument because the same is true about every generation. The arguments in the left column are vacuous. I came here for answers and receive drivel.
    Seniors are the largest portion of our population is my answer. This fact, however, does not give them value... It gives politicians a huge base to pander to. Our seniors have an advantage that previous generations' did not: they outnumber the productive portion of society and therefore can limit progress by spending all of their time (of which they have an unlimited amount, since they are retired) to ensure that politicians give them what they desire. As for the rest of us, we are left to struggle in a society with rampant mental illness and opioid addiction. Lets not forget climate change, income inequality, unfettered capitalism, and corruption in every corner of society.
    I would like to remind you all that our seniors are the ONLY ones unwilling to or incapable of sustaining the population. The reason we need immigrants is because of seniors' previous unwillingness to have children in one of history's most affluent times.
    Society advances, this is the natural way of things, our seniors are instrumental in making our time in history struggle to advance.

  • Make the world great again!

    This generation's elderly are smarter than the previous generations as they are more comfortable with this era's technology thus they are not as old-fashioned as the elderly in the 19s. Although many of the current elderly are incapable of working and earning money to help the society, we must still respect their experiences and not neglect them.

  • No they don't

    When theres more elderly than young people working people will have to support the elderly because of a decrease in population, the elderly will be a burden expecially if the elderly are not kept in jail where the elderly won't all repeatedly sexually assault with pedastery that will murder people, and repeatedly do regular assault that will murder people.

  • No they don't

    The elderly read the bible more than anyone else, the bible with hell in it which is excessive punishment. The elderly watch the news with criminals in it. Working causes stress which causes crime. If the elderly become a majority of people then the elderly should all be put in jails so the elderly don't take over society and make all the media too mature, evil, violent, and about excessive punishment.

  • No they don't

    The elderly are not important at all to society. The elderly don't work to support society. The elderly don't have fun or entertain people like children do. The elderly are just a bunch of grumpy burdens to society that have nothing to live for and are better off dead. If there's too many elderly then the civilization fails because they cannot support that many people that don't work and are never going to work. The elderly are old, boring, stupid, evil and stubborn. Old people have contributed nothing to civilized society. Old people have the most amount of health problems. Old people have nothing to teach young people that they couldn't learn themselves or from someone younger. Old people are the evilest people there are they are in the process of dieing and want to make as many people as they can die with them by making them older and more mature and by that I mean making them eviler. Old people have no ability to fix their own evil mistakes because they are so set in their old ways. Old people have seen the most amount of evil since they have lived the longest and watch mature media which has the most amount of evil in it. If old people hadn't worked when they were younger then supporting the elderly would be stealing from the future generation for no good reason.

  • Elders becoming a headache!

    I'm not at all saying that they are to be neglected totally.I respect their experiences of life which no one can tell except they themselves.It's just that there is a long generation gap which they really need to understand. Customs and traditions are a priority to our culture but it shouldn't cross our privacies. Not allowed to wear this,don't go there,don't talk to these people and all that stupid stuff.

  • They are not a burden to anyone in fact they are everything

    They are life . How can we say that they are irritating .... Technology has improved but we need them . History doesn't even exists without them
    This should be taken seriously. Nowadays i can see old age homes filled with old people . I know u will be cursing me for writing this in the NO column. But this is for a reason.......

  • They are a burden to the society.

    Many feel that they are important but many people learn from their experience. So its better to learn from the experience than to depend on them. It is very important to be self dependent and not over rely on them. Sometimes they are right and get fussy about things which surely irritates us. They have lived i/n a different generation and the generation now is too fast, tech savvy and progressive. People have different views about different things and their methods are not always the better choice. For eg. A grandma would refrain a child from using technology to learn things fearing that he/she would go on the wrong path. They believe in traditions like dowry which would lead the next generation to a wrong path.

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