• They have played well.

    The Green Bay Packers have managed to keep playoff hopes alive. They certainly do not deserve to go to the NFL, but they can survive a round or two of the playoffs. They won 27-13 over the Eagles in their most recent game, proving that they can win when it matters.

  • No, the Green Bay Packers do not deserve to go to the playoffs.

    No one except Packer fans wants to watch this Green Bay Packers team in the NFL playoffs. They don't deserve to go. The current playoff system allows too many teams in; half of the league should not be participating in playoff games. It waters down the competition and cheapens the glory of attaining the Super Bowl trophy. The Packers are mediocre and uninspiring this year. Right now, they are only sitting at third place in the NFC North. There are good teams ahead of them in the conference that are far more deserving and would be far more exciting to watch.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Is there a team over the last several years that’s escaped more scrutiny than the Packers?

    McCarthy has never seemed that bright and is often out-coached. Rodgers is a phenomenal QB but often seems to believe that the laws of physics and mechanics (ex throwing off his wrong foot) don’t apply to him. The media acts as if Ted Thompson walks on water and yet his team is constantly flawed with gaping personnel holes and his QB is so good that he often covers up Thompson’s flaws.

  • No, the Green Bay Packers do not deserve to go to the playoffs.

    The Green Bay Packers do not deserve to go to the playoffs because they have not performed well enough to have earned it. They are 14th in the Conference ahead of only two other teams, the Bears and the 49ers, so it is unlikely they could win the division and be part of the playoffs.

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