Do the humanities play a fundamental role in the cultivation of empathy?

Asked by: yolanda123
  • Exploration of the human condition

    Empathy is central for desirable qualities such as cooperation or compassion, And the humanities do an excellent job at cultivating them. For instance, Literature forces people to engage their imagination, Which already utilizes the same skill as empathy. Furthermore, That imagination is used to relate to and understand the characters in the literature. As an illustration of this, Consider "Uncle Tom's Cabin"; this book, Sparked life into the abolition movement in ways which only literature can do; the reason for this: it engaged peoples' empathy.

    Additionally, Art performs a similar function. Appropriately, Shakespeare described art as "holding up a mirror to nature". This echoes the previous sentiments, As art tends to convey a message or commentary.

    All of these things cultivate empathy, Which is a requirement of any society which desires to flourish.

  • Nothing like that

    I went to school and I already saw sociopaths there. They read books that challenged their view and tried to make them think about others. It failed and they made excuses. Think about a child in Africa!
    The sociopath would quote from some philosophers that they should not help it and that it is not his fault.
    Empathy cannot be learned from a book. Sadly that person graduated and is on the loose.

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I don't really understand this topic, Can someone elbaborate?
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