Do the majority of parents treat their kids fairly?

  • Parents are always good treater.

    Parents always puts their best effort with their children.They always try to see their son at top.So majority of parents can not be worst tr eater . In our old Nobel,which are written by many scholar persons states that mother and father are best precious gift for any one and which thing is precious,can never be unfair.

  • Few parents, yes. The majority, definitely not.

    There are very few families where everyone loves and cares for each other. There are tons of parents who abuse their kids, or neglect them, or otherwise mistreat them. As far as I know, there are very few parents who know what goes on in their kids' lives. For example, if a young bully victim commits suicide, the parent/guardian most often didn't know their kid was being bullied in the first place. Some kick their kids out when they turn 18 (or even before), knowing that they have no money or anywhere to go. Some also force their kids to do things, often "for their own good," like do sports or play an instrument, or go on a family vacation. (I never personally understood forcing kids to go on vacations. If the kid objects to it, why would you expect them to have a good time or enjoy being with their family on said vacation?) There are just too many common ways that kids are mistreated to cover them all here.

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THZX says2013-09-04T02:53:01.847
Have you seen Asian parents? My dad gave me a beat counter. When I do something wrong, i get beat 10 times. If I do it again, it will cost me another 10 times plus a luxury 10 free beatings...

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