Do the majority of people in the United States know about the extreme poverty and lack of resources in North Korea?

  • Yes, I think the majority of people in the US know about the extreme poverty in North Korea.

    The majority of American people know of the extreme poverty that North Korean citizens faces, the media does a good job of reporting that every time North Korea decides to do a nuclear test, I think that while the situation is unfortunate not enough Americans are motivated enough to demand that the US intervene in that country to improve the situation.

  • Yes, most Americans do.

    I have spoken to many Americans on the subject of North Korea, and I was surprised to find how educated they are, in large part, on this matter. For example, most of the people I spoke to knew about children there having cataracts due to malnutrition and no access to medicines.

  • Yes we do

    I'm not entirely sure what this means, we do know about the extreme poverty and other problems in North Korea but there is nothing the U.S. can do. The reason the citizens in North Korea are in such bad shape is because of the oppressive dictatorship they live under. The United States has try'd several times to assist North Korea but with several war threats, even nuclear war threats. The best thing we can do is hold troops at the border of South Korea to protect them from the constant (not so much more anymore) attacks. We also have a complete embargo on North Korea as anything we would send to them would go towards their leaders self benefit, This year North Korea was voted the least liked country by U.S. citizens in a poll. It's not hard to see why almost all Americans hate North Korea when they constantly threaten the U.S. with long range missiles and try to imprison innocent American citizens who are in Asia. In America we see North Korea as the black sheep. We do feel the gravity and sadness for the innocent citizens, but as a nation America hates North Korea.

  • No, a lot of people in America do not know what's going on in North Korea.

    I believe that a lot of people in America do not know about the extreme levels of poverty and lack of resources in North Korea. I think that if more people in America knew about what was going on in North Korea, they would have more sympathy towards the people of that country.

  • Welcome To Communism

    Here's how economics works: capitalist countries such as the United States (which is heading towards socialism), Scotland, England, and Bahamas experience a great quality of life whereas communist and socialist countries such as China (which is heading towards capitalism), North Korea, Laos, Cuba, and 20th century Soviet Union experience a horrible quality of life. I do not feel bad for those in countries like that only to say, "Told you so you anti-Capitalist pigs."

  • No, most of the people in the United States have no idea what's going on in North Korea.

    I believe most of the people who live in the United States are very naive and uneducated as to what actually goes on in other countries, specifically North Korea. The media in the United States only shows footage of the government in North Korea or of the more posh rich areas. I believe this is because North Korea is so protective of it's country and will not allow Unites States reporters on it's land. North Korea's leaders and government kill innocent victims every day and very little of this is talked about in the states.

  • No, they do not.

    The majority of the United States just laugh at North Korea because all they know is how small their leader seems to our country. The information isn't kept very popular in America. The majority of America is also not really worried about Korea, so they would likely not know of the horrible crimes to humanity that go on there on a daily basis.

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