Do the Microsoft Vista problems merit refunds from the company?

  • Vista Was A Mess

    I believe the problems with Microsoft Vista did merit refunds from the company, yet that is clearly not what happened. Consumers were told to sit and wait for updates and many of them came. I believe companies need to work for their customers, but when the customers just shrug and let it go, nothing will ever change. I believe a company should pay for its mistakes, but that so rarely happens in the United States.

  • Yes, that would be ideal.

    Those who bought a computer when the major operating system was Windows Vista found that it was a system that was very hard to use and almost unworkable. Some of us kept the old one and waited till the new one came out. But those who bought Vista should be entitled to a refund or a credit at least.

  • Yes they do.

    I do think that the Microsoft Vista problems merit refunds from the company. It is high time that Microsoft take responsibility for some of its poorly designed products. It is like they have their heads in the sand and they think their products are all just so wonderful. So yes a refund should be in order.

  • The Microsoft Vista problems do not merit refunds from the company.

    Microsoft is not responsible for refunding money for their Vista operating system. Although it has a lot of problems, people whose to buy it and they knew what they were getting into. Also, Microsoft released updates to the software that fixed some of the problems. There is no need for a refund.

  • The computers still work.

    No, the Microsoft Vista problems do not merit refunds from the company, because the problems were not so great that people did not get the product that they paid for. Microsoft never promised that Vista would be completely free of glitches. Vista was still a decent system. Most people have already bought new computers after Vista.

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