• Humanitarian efforts help

    I think that needy to derive benefit from a lot of different humanitarian efforts. One example would be habitat for humanity where people build houses for those who don't have one. I think another would be food programs in other countries where we go and offer food and sometimes medical treatment. Humanitarian aid does help.

  • Needy Benefit From Humanitarianism

    Without a doubt, the needy truly do benefit from the humanitarian efforts of others. Many people don't realize how far their acts of kindness will go for complete strangers. Strangers in need are touched by such acts on a regular basis. Therefore, these acts are truly beneficial for the people on the other end.

  • Some Of Them

    I believe the needy do derive benefit from our humanitarian efforts. I believe this can be seen in some cases, such as Haiti. I believe we do have a lot of not for profit businesses that don't use their money correctly, so it is important to send cash donations to charities you are familiar with.

  • Yes they do.

    There are many areas in the United States and the world where the less fortunate truly do derive benefit form our humanitarian efforts. This is especially true in places like Africa, where many children would die without our help. We bring clean water and vaccines for many diseases. So yes our efforts are helping.

  • Some yes, but most no

    Money and aid given in most modern countries to the poor in the name of progression is actually seriously regressive, and is done mostly either because people mean well and get things wrong, or just to win votes. In other countries, people get some, but not all aid, as the aid is often taken by crrupt officials.

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