Do the new stricter safety requirements for cars make you more likely to buy a new car?

  • I don't want to die. I don't want my passengers to die.

    A safer car means a safer crash. I know far too much to ever consider a less safe car over a safer one. If the lives of my family and I are being put in question, the answer is very obvious! Driving is the most dangerous activity in my life, and it's my responsibility to decrease that danger as much as possible.

  • I need one anyway

    I need to get a new car, and if the safety features are required to be even more safe that makes me feel better. I have two children so I am always looking in to what would be the best for them. Safety is a top priority for me and them.

  • Safety requirements will not increase car sales.

    Although safety in cars is very important, they will not result in more cars being sold. If someone needs a car, they will buy a car, even though there is a certain risk involved in driving. People might not always buy the safest car possible, because cost and gas mileage are also factors to consider.

  • No, the new safety requirements do not make me more likely to buy a new car.

    On one hand, the new safety requirements for automobiles do a great deal to increase the safety of the average car, and they should certainly be lauded for this. At the end of the day, though, there is an inherent danger to driving an automobile that cannot be mitigated by even the strictest safety standards, and hence they do not increase my likelihood of buying a car.

  • Safety is in the Eye of the Beholder

    A safer vehicle is good news for everyone. Safe driving though is more important than a safe car. Simple things like not drinking and driving and not using your phone will driving are much more important than any other pieces of the puzzle. Stricter requirements will be good for all in the long run, but need and cost will always be the most important factors in the decision to purchase a new vehicle.

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