Do the New York City Police need an inspector general?

  • Yes they do

    There is nothing wrong with the implementation of such a scheme, and I would gladly welcome it in the New York city area and for the NYPD in general. The NYPD does not have a very good way of doing things, and more oversight will likely fix this large problem.

  • YES, the New York Police need an Inspector General.

    The NYCP need an inspector general because that allows for there to be a third party involved between the police and somebody issuing a grievance against the department that can investigate the claims made without any credible accusation of bias from being a member of either side of the dispute.

  • Yes, the New York City Police need an inspector general.

    The New York City Police Department, also known as the NYPD, have a lot to gain by using an inspector general. In terms of government oversight, there is nothing to be lost by not having more accountability for a group of individuals, and the NYPD is in dire need of this.

  • Most Assuredly New York City’s Police Need an Inspector General

    Not many, save the smallest of law enforcement entities, (and often those have proven to be some of the most corrupt) are without some level of corruption within their ranks. NYPD is one of the largest such entities in the world, and not only has come under public scrutiny lately - due to the implementation of constitutionally suspect practices - but suffers from a long standing history of internal dishonesty. This is in no way a condemnation of the unit as a whole, but one worm can spoil the whole Big Apple. (Insert laughter). New York City’s police department would be well served to have an Inspector General in place to not only deter this type of unwanted behavior, but also provide a foundation for disciplinary measures necessary when such acts are uncovered.

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