Do the New York Giants owe it to the state of New Jersey to alter their name to more accurately reflect their arena's location?

  • All the people who says no are probably from a different state or NY.

    Wouldnt it make sense if the Jets and the Giants are called the New Jersey Giants/Jets? They do play in New Jersey after all. I mean. You don't see us calling the Indianapolis Colts the Baltimore Colts since they moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis. I'm just saying. The Giants/Jets should represent their state which is New Jersey.

  • Yes because they are not located in New York.

    I believe they need to change their name to something besides the New York Giants because the stadium is in New Jersey not New York it is kind of like false advertisement. They could just be the Giants instead of the New York Giants and everything would be just fine.

  • No, the New York Giants don't owe it to New Jersey to change their name.

    I don't think that the New York Giants should have to feel like they need to change their name just because they play in New Jersey. I think that it would be silly to expect any team to change their name to the location to which they play. If that were the case, there would be a lot of problems with the sports market.

  • Most people know that the Giants play in New Jersey; therefore, there is no need to change their name.

    The Dallas cowboys played in Texas Stadium which was in Irving, Texas. Now they play in Arlington, Texas. There is no need to change their name. Everyone knows where they play. The same applies for the Giants. It is really difficult for fans to accept a name change. It is less difficult to accept a location change.

  • They may play in New Jersey, but their heart is in New York.

    Nope. The New York Giants have been called the New York Giants since they were founded in 1925. They've used the name for 89 years now. Any attempt to change it would meet with disapproval and a decline in ticket sales. No one wants to see a team from New Jersey, even if that's where they play.

  • No the NY Giants have no obligation to change their name to reflect the location of their ball field.

    The New York Giants have zero obligation to the State of New Jersey to have a name the reflects the actual location of their football field. The name "New York Giants" is the trademarked name of the team and holds considerable value as a trademark. People who are watching the NY Giants play at home know the team is based in New Jersey.

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