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  • No They Don't

    I believe it is silly to assume the New York Yankees deserve less respect than the Boston Red Sox. Both of these teams (and their players) are important to MLB and they both deserve equal respect. To me, respect in MLB has little to do with the records of the teams or the players, they all deserve respect.

  • No the Yankees are better

    The New York Yankees are better than the Red Sox they don't have the longevity of the Yankees. The Yankees are kind of the guaranteed winners year in and year out which is really great. I think that the two teams deserve the same amount of respect for as long as they have been in the game.

  • Both deserve respect.

    The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are both great teams that play well and have good records and lots of fans. Both tems deserve respect for playing hard and working well. Both are popular and have a lot of fans, and even if you have a favorite, the other team should be respected.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that both of these teams are some of the best that are in the MLB today, and the players that are on these teams are some of the best in the world. They deserve a lot of respect, and neither team deserves any more that the other.

  • Both teams deserve respect

    One team does not deserve any more respect than the other. Both are teams with long and great histories, and both have had their shares of problems over the course of the years. Both have won a great deal, both have lost. But neither team deserves any more or less respect than the other one.

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