Do the Obamacare health reforms improve America's health system?

  • Yes it will.

    Yes Obamacare will improve America's health system by allowing more people to be seen, getting diseases treated. The hospitals will actually benefit which nobody really wants to see this. Think about this if a 33 year old with no health insurance goes to the hospital ER for emergency surgery. That surgery can cost upto $50,000.00 do you really think that person has that much money laying around? No, we all know what happens the bill never gets paid. So guess what happens with that. The hospital has to charge your insurance company even more money for your procedures. So guess what happens your Insurance premiums go up.

    Now let's look at it like this that person has insurance has surgery $50,000.00 insurance is more than likely to pick up 80% of that Insurance will pay $40,000. The patient is going to have to pay only $10,000.00 which is more likely to get paid. The hospital gets a portion of that money with the persons insurance company paying for this. Where before the hospital got $0.00 from the patient at least it gets a little bit of money and guess what when they get the money. The hospital will be able to reduce it's cost and insurance companies will be able to reduce the cost of the Premiums.

    Con's aka Republicans, can't see the math and the benefits it will provide for the hospitals. Honestly how many people do you really know that pay their medical bills. Not many they don't charge interest on this. It is one of the last things that gets paid off ever.

  • Yes, the Obamacare health reforms improve America's health system.

    Though there are obvious problems with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), it is still a step in the right direction. There are three options for how to handle providing health care to the poor: have the taxpayers pay for it through universal health care, have the taxpayers pay for it via the existing hospital system, or let the poor die. Letting the poor die is not a viable option, and paying for it through the existing hospital/insurance system has left America with the world's most expensive health system and health outcomes that are mediocre at best. Universal health care is the only viable system, and the rest of the developed world has already figured this out. Obamacare is a step towards that final goal.

  • We can't afford it.

    No, Obamacare health reforms do not improve America's health system, because there have been people who have lost their health insurance. People have been told that their health care would be heavily subsidized, only to be shocked at what the premiums have ended up being. It has made the health care industry more expensive, not less.

  • No They Don't

    I do not believe Obamacare health reforms improve America's health system. The Obamacare laws or the Affordable Care Act concentrates on getting people covered for medical services, it does little to nothing to change how those services are provided nor when they are provided. Obamacare doesn't change services within health care, its a bigger change to the middle man otherwise known as insurance companies.

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