Do The Olympics do more good than harm? Why or why not?

  • Yes it does

    It brings cultures together which is awesome so we can learn about different cultures. When a country hosts the Olympics it will attract a lot of tourists which will skyrocket their tourism rate. It will teach us different languages such as Arabic which is an awesome language. I AM AWESOME

  • The Olympics do more good than harm.

    The Olympics do more good than harm. When people compete for their country in the Olympics, the whole country unites for that short amount of time and supports whomever is competing for their country. That sort of unity does not happen very often any more, so the Olympics provides an opportunity for that.

  • Yes, the Olympics do more good than harm.

    The Olympics is a Biennial occasion that brings billions of people together. Yes, it does promote competition and some superficial physicalities--which means there is some work to be done before the Olympics is a equal and less harmful environment for its athletes and performers. However, the effect it his as the people who watch it is indescribable and has provided a livelihood for many athletes around the world.

  • The olympics do more harm than good

    The Olympics do more harm than good. The facilities are only used for a month and it is no use after that. The money that it cost is really big. Tb ecost of the hosting the olympics continues to increase and recent games have cost for more than originally planed.

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