• Yes, the Oscars Matter.

    The Oscar Awards for excellence in film certainly do matter. The awards are an industry's way of recognizing and expressing appreciation of a job well done. The ceremony itself is also entertainment for the masses, a couture fashion show, and it gives a little insight into some of the year's best films.

  • Not at all

    They don't matter anymore to many people except for extremely annoying last minute binge-watchers with their lists in their hands who want to feel like they're "updated" and a part of the rest of the world. The irony here is that the event itself is considered outdated by millions of people now.

  • Oscars are redundant.

    Oscars are not necessary. Over the years we have all seen great films unrewarded while lesser films are lauded. Furthermore oscars do not generally award entertaining films and concentrate on films that pleases only a bunch of people so the common man who wants to relax cannot refer to the oscars to hear of a good film

  • No they don't.

    Tired of the elite back slapping and self congratulating at this so called 'celebration' of the movie industry, which is instead now little more than slots to let actors spout their own detached political bile. If its about movies let movie goers - the ones who in the end pay for the industry - to vote.

  • Not at all

    By the end of the day the Oscars only matter to the celebrities that attend the actual awards in person or to entertainment industry. When it comes to the normal folk like us this means absolutely nothing in the long run and is just a waste of time to even watch these elitist basically pat themselves on the back and gloat how great they are when they are not all that.

  • Oscars are only for Hollywood

    The Oscars are a celebration for a small group of Hollywood people and no one else. For the average person, they don't matter. Movies are entertainment and if any given person enjoys a movie, he or she doesn't need validation by some Oscar committee. The Oscars may be ok for the fashions but I can see that on the red carpet and I don't need to see the awards ceremony.

  • Only To Those That Receive Them

    My argument about Academy Awards and Grammys are as follows. First look at the list of all the people who have never received them. Then compare that list with those who have. Then look at all those who have never even received a nomination then compare that to those who have. Look at the list of those who have only received one then compare that to those who have won multiple awards.

    My point being that no, they don't really matter to me or the general public who will continue to admire their favourite artists and their works regardless. However they do matter to those who receive them no matter how many self deprecating statements upon reception are made because they do open doors to their careers. Ones that may probably stay closed without them.

    Most of my favourite actors and artists have never received these awards. I rest my case.

  • They do not.

    They are just made for the Hollywood elitists, nothing more, nothing less. It was shocking even back in 1970 when they awarded Best Actor to John Wayne (i.E. See Sylvester Stallone and Burt Reynolds). See they couldn't wait to give an Oscar to Adele but they couldn't give Phil Collins or Jon Bon Jovi one. It's snob city, you know it and I know it.
    I agree with George C. Scott; it's all political and it's just a popularity contest. If it isn't, you can give one to Britains own Mama Cass but the can't give the Beatles on for a Hard Day's Night. God knows there wasn't ANY songs in that movie that didn't scream out at you.

  • They don't pick good movies, they pick movies that made money and were popular with audiences- both are not indicators of truly great films.

    They don't pick good movies, they pick movies that made money and were popular with audiences- both are not indicators of truly great films. For example, 12 Angry Men and Vertigo were both duds at the box office, yet are seen today as classic and great works of art. The Oscars is a joke and half the movies that win, no one talks about or watches ever again. It's almost like they already have decided who will be nominated and win before even watching the movies.

  • The Oscars are just a big waste of money.

    In the grand scheme of things, the Oscars don't matter. They are just another way for Hollywood to waste money. That money is better spent on starving kids or by being donated to research to kill deadly diseases. The Oscars are just a big waste of time and are really not necessary.

  • No they don't.

    To the average person, the Oscars don't mean anything. Of course they mean something to those nominated and to the entertainment industry. But ultimately they don't mean anything. They are awards given out but they aren't determined by the regular person who watches the movies or even their peers in the industry.

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