• Yes, but not too good.

    They, of course, have a chance, but it is not the best chance in the world. Since Seattle has the #1 seed, that means that Greenbay will either need to go into Seattle and beat them, or hope that someone else goes into Seattle and beats them. Neither of which are too good (but neither are impossible).

  • Packers as good as anyone

    The Packers are as good as anyone in the NFL. If they pump themselves up, train very hard, and fully work as a team, then they can beat anyone. The Packers have proven themselves in the past, and there is no reason they can't have a good shot at winning the Super Bowl too.

  • Yes the Packers have an outstanding chance at winning the Suoer Bowl this season

    The reason the packers have an outstanding chance to winning the super bowl this season is because of how good the team is. The Packers have always been a pretty decent team, but this season they're doing just great. An example of this is their record. The Packers are 10-3 right now.

  • Yes they do

    If any team plays well and works hard, any of them should have a chance to make it to the super bowl. I think it just depends on how hard they practise, how they work as a team and if they can keep it up. If they do then good for them.

  • Yes - seven to two change

    Yes, the Packers have a 7/2 chance of winning this year. The defense line is healthy and will protect Rodgers better. Green Bay has the superior quarterback and offense and despite losing players the Packers still won the division. Also, their defense will create unrelenting pressure. Julius Pepper is an excellent linebacker.

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