Do the Palestinians(Yes) or Jews (No) have more right to have a state around Jerusalem, right now?

Asked by: turtletycoon7
  • Yes, It Was Wrong of the Ancient people to banish Jews from Homeland, but Now is Different

    It is true that Jews once lived in what is now Israel. However, they were nomads, and did not always stay there. Several other religious groups have equally proportionate claims to the area.

    Also, most of the territory held currently by Israel was basically illegally stolen from the Palestinian state. Many countries may once have seen Israel as "being surrounded by hostile Arab nations" but now Israel is actually the most modernized country in the region. Perhaps can be described as "big bad bully on the block"... And many European countries are having protests against the war there right now...

  • Jew have the fundamental right to have their own state in the Middle East

    What most people don't get is that Israel is the only Democratic country in the entire Middle East and the only one that provides all of its citizens with rights. Muslims living in Israel have equal citizenship as Jews and Christians in Israel and they have more rights than Muslims living in strict oppressive Arab countries. Also Israel has provided the Palestinian region with infrastructure and supplies as the terrorist government Hamas actually treats their own people like garbage and feeds their people lies about Israel. I encourage everyone to read about the account of Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas co-founder who grew up within the organization but then realized the brutality and later worked with IDF forces to stop Palestinian terrorism against Israel. If the son of a Palestinian terrorist realized how crazy it was to hate a FREE country like Israel because of a radical Anti-Jew racism why can't everyone else to the same. Without a country like Israel I truly believe that eventually there would be no more Jews. Now if another holocaust were to happen which is clearly possible with all of the anti-semitism in the world, Israel is a place where Jews can be protected. Anti-Zionism was created by radical Islam as a disguise for Anti-semitism and it fuels this hatred of Jews around the world. True Muslims are peace-loving and are happily to live along side Jews and other religions (i.E. Moors in the 8th century were like this)

  • Am Israel Chai

    Look the whole situation is complicated to say the least, but i would say Israel has a larger right. When Palestinian leaders were asked to make peace at the 1967 borders they refused, and they also started the 1948 war wish lost them a majority of there territory. I believe both people have a claim to the land but Palestine will just have to deal as Israel won the war against it and claimed Jerusalem.

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