Do the paparazzi have a right to delve into the private lives of famous individuals?

  • Privacy should be valued over freedom of the press.

    No, paparazzi should not have the right to delve into the private lives of famous individuals. Every individual has a right to their privacy, even if they choose a career path that puts them in the spotlight. It's shameful that paparazzi think it's okay to make a living by stalking others and reporting on their actions.

  • Yes, the paparazzi have the right to delve into the private lives of famous people.

    As much as I think that the paparazzi are full of despicable individuals, it is not possible to regulate their practice without going down a slippery slope. The right to be able to photograph in public is the right of every individual regardless of the subject matter. Of course there are limitations to just how much you can photograph a person regarding the tactic.

  • Paparazzi are ruthless

    Paparazzi are one of those jobs that I could never do. Much like being a lawyer and a politician your job is to basically lie, steal, cheat any which way possible to better yourself. With the Paparazzi you are trying to explode celebs to further your career and make a buck. They should not be able to follow all these people around invading privacy. It's just wrong.

  • The paparazzi do not have a right, they have a job.

    Most of the newsworthy paparazzi scandals involve the people who do illegal or immoral things to gain access to a celebrities life. Not all celebrities expect to be so, and some may not be prepared. The majority though, want fame. They want the limelight and the attention that comes with being known. The paparazzi shenanigans are to be expected.

  • Not at all

    No, They do not have a right to jump into celebrities private lives like they do, but they really do not care. All they care about is getting information that people might want to read in their magazines or might want to watch on one of the lame shows on.

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