Do the people agree with the decisions of the United States Political Machine?

Asked by: CruzSmith
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  • Media causes too much negativity towards the government.

    People of the United States are too heavily influenced by media for them to stir up their own opinions. They would rather watch something on TV instead of doing their own research on how successful the government currently is. With the current status of Obamacare, however, I would agree with them that things are looking a bit bad.

  • The polls don't lie, the people do not like the politicians

    The approval numbers for Washington are as low as they've been in my lifetime, and it's not by accident. The people don't agree with how politics in this country work, because they don't. Nothing gets accomplished, the two parties just hate each other every day more than they did the last one and the odds of anything changing become more and more in doubt. Nobody approves of how things function because there's nothing to approve of.

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