Do the people have a responsibility to the state?

  • Well, i guess it depends on how you think about the state and about society.

    Who is the state? My feeling, for what little it may be worth, is that when people talk about society or the state, they often make it sound as if it is comprised of others, not themselves. I am not based stateside, i reside in the united kingdom, but i think my opinion may be applicable in both contexts.

    Basically, i think we must remember we are society, we are the state, we may not agree with those who represent us but we are still the ones who make up these units. I think we benefit from having a sense of civic duty, from engaging with the communities we inhabit, at whatever level may be appropriate and to the measure of our capacity/ability. So, yes, insofar as we have rights, we also have duties, we have a responsibility to the state/society. We are responsible for participating, for making our voices heard (yes, voting). We do not relegate responsibility just because we have leaders and representatives. We stay awake, we remain vigilant, and we make sure that our values are being upheld.

  • This sound like a Communist question.

    I was born in the land of the free. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So unless I choose otherwise, my only responsibility is to myself. I don't owe this country jury duty, I don't owe them my life in one of their oil war, I don't owe them ANYTHING. Am I grateful for those who paved the way to a free nation? Absolutely. Do I own the modern day corrupt government anything for our forefather's sacrifices? Absolutely not.

  • No we do not

    The state was set up to help protect the collective group of people called the United States. It was to help protect us from each other, and from foreign invaders. It was not supposed to be this out of control entity that it has become. I have no responsibility to pay taxes to the state so it can spy on us, start meaningless wars and persecuit it's citizens. I have no responsibility to pay taxes to help fund disgusting programs like Social Security Medicare/caid SNAP or many of these other welfare programs. And yet, here we are, being told we have an obligation and responsibility to be loyal to the state. When in actuality, it is the obligation and responsibility of the state to stay loyal to the American people, which it most surely is not doing. We the people own the government, not the other way around. The state has a responsibility to us, not the other way around. Getting these roles mixed up is very dangerous, and that is evident in today's world.

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