Do the perpetrators in the Steubenville High School rape case deserve harsher punishments?

  • Seriously, is this even up for debate?

    What does it say about our cultural cesspool of a country which allows us to give special treatment to these football players simply based on their merits in the field of sports?

    Rape is a very adult crime. Continuous rape over a period of hours after being fed alcohol to the point of incapacition is sociopathic and criminally insane. Do we really want to perpetuate this idiocy of putting the responsibility on anyone else but those who committed the crime?

    Being drunk doesn't change what they did, rape is rape. If they were so ashamed and grieved over what they'd done they wouldn't have taken pictures and distributed to their friends. They basically took pride in what they did. That's disgusting. They also tried to have their coach use his community ties to cover up what happened.

    This girls life is ruined. She will always be the girl who was gang raped at a party. Aside from the trauma and emotional/psychological scarring from this travesty she will forever be a pariah in her community: which obviously values these "promising young athletes" more than they value her human rights.

    Even after everything what do they get? One to two years in juvenile detention. There are people who go to detention or jail for much longer than that on marijuana arrests.

    If you say "no" to this question you're a certifiable moron. No matter which way a sensible, moral person looks at this: these kids deserve a harsher sentence.

    I pray I have the opportunity to see this kids in public and publicly belittle them after their summer vacation in juvenile detention.

  • Steubenville Rape atrocity is the men weren’t tried as adults

    I wonder why Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are not commenting on this one? It is a sham. They should have been tried as adults and received 20 years to life in jail.

    My wife and I have had a talk with our 16-year old and asked him what he would do if he were at a party and saw this happening; he said; he said he would tell them to stop and call the police. So there are honest boys who have morals and respect woman. It is not surprising with the all the Black Rappers that trash women and call them whores that should be slapped if they get out of line. Yes, and white boys rape too; but treating women like trash is epidemic in the black rapper youth culture.

    When you hear the word rape what comes to your mind? Nice guys commit rape too. The two young men were on high school football team, both expected to keep their grades up to a certain level in order to stay eligible for playing the game. These men were in charge of their bodies and in charge of the crime scene. They were not men ignorant of the consequences of their actions nor of the advantage they were taking of the young lady. They kept her in a dependent position.

    The two football players should be tried as adults and set the standard for all crimes against women that continue like this throughout the country. This heinous event is the very things marches, protests and women’s day movements are made of. Why weren’t they tried for rape as adults?

    For the crimes committed all of the teens involved acted as adults.

    The teens involved in and around this crime were the epitome of what is wrong in the world today. They are social media, gossip, paparazzi and human beings spun out of control in violation of the young woman’s rights in every single way imaginable. No morals, no principles, no values.

    Young adults in the worst possible mental capacity available to mankind, no self-control and no conscious. There was not a teen there who didn’t know what was going on or that it was not wrong? Where were all of these parents? Compared to what occurred that question sounds weak in comparison, because these were not children, there were teens at the edge of adulthood.

    These are the nightmares every mother fears, these are the men your dad warns you about.

    The people attending the party are the ones who are not your friends and never had your back in fact they threw you to the wolves and joined the gnawing and gnashing. Steubenville in not an isolated incident and we are mad but it’s not the first, or even second time gang rapes against a lone woman or girl has ever occurred.

  • Yes the Perpetrators in the Steubenville High School Rape Case Deserve Harsher Punishments

    No one. Let me say that again. No one has the right to treat a person like a sexual toy. No one has the right to pass those photos on social media. No one should be able to get away with rape. Rape is a crime. It is a crime of depersonalization of a human being. A crime of violence and of sexual perversion. If you let these football players get away with raping once they will do it again. It is time to quit thinking of rape as a boys will be boys night out. The boys that raped that 16 year old girl and flaunted their act all over town, all the while trashing a girls reputation, is sick and perverse and above all it is a crime. They should be punished the same as someone who doesn't play football. The parents are sick too. They need to take a class in parenting if they think it was ok for their kids to rape and pass around a 16 year old girl like she was a doll for their amusement.

  • They knew what they were doing

    If I'm correct, they are receiving around five years or until they are twenty-one (that is what I heard, at least). This seems somewhat lax to me. At around sixteen years old, they are grown up enough to know that they committed a serious crime and probably did some serious damage to the girl they raped. Just because they were young and drunk doesn't mean they won't be a danger to society when they're 21. Everyone makes mistakes, but this is far more than a mistake. It is a conscious decision to harm another person- and laugh about it. Sixteen is plenty old enough to know that this is a horrible thing to do. None of them should have been drunk, but being drunk is not an excuse for their behavior. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, but it doesn't turn you into a completely different person. Personally, I don't feel any sympathy for the boys who did this. It is not some freak accident that happened to them- they made a choice, a very bad one, and they should receive a harsh punishment.

  • The punishment is enough.

    I may be mistaken, but I believe they're going to be in juvie until they're 21. The punishment is just enough for the crime. As long as they spend their time away from society to protect potential victims and are rehabilitated, then we will have a sense of justice for this case.

  • I believe they are getting what they deserve.

    I believe they are already receiving harsh punishments, deservedly so, and also very sadly so. Such strong messages need to continue to be sent that women cannot be treated in the horrific way that poor woman was treated. In fact, all of our culture plays a responsibility in this issue. Americans especially objectify women in horrible ways. Other cultures revere and love women, but Americans especially treat women as "dirty things" and that's exactly what a lot of men seek. It's that latent, puritanical streak, and it is dangerous and unacceptable. I believe that additional charges should be brought to those who stood by and watched this happen. American men love to degrade Arabic men for their treatment of women, but American men have yet to learn how to treat women, generally speaking. There's something wrong with a culture that has boobs all over magazines in public, but doesn't want a mother to show any part of her breast while using them for what they were intended-to feed babies.

  • No. The whole thing is a huge mess.

    It is a shame what happened to the girl is terrible and should not have happened. The whole group had no business drinking, the parents should have been home. The girl did not deserve what happened to her but she should not have been drinking. On top of that, the boys were drunk as well. They should not have done what they did. They deserve the amount of time they were sentenced. I think the parents should be charged for letting these kids drink in the first place and all of them should be in jail for underage drinking.

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