• They are just men

    Yes .They abuse their power . As a matter of fact everyone who has power abuses it.To a fellow who has a hammer in his hand,everything appears to be like a nail.But beneath all that, they are just weak people, just like anybody else(for the same reason they put on sunglasses to hide their fear in their eyes).But the best defense we ordinary citizens have is that we should uphold our sovereignty God gave us and not to bow down before our equals.But we shouldn't be arrogant in our expression of our resentment.Upholding our dignity itself is resentment.

  • Hypocrites is what police are.

    I see them making illegal u turns, speeding down the middle of the highway only to see them stopping at the coffee shop. They drink and drive, abuse their spouses and who knows what else. I wonder where the internal affairs is. Everyone knows about the BLUE CODE. Police should be the best of the best and serve the people, not harass them.

  • Evil corrupt police

    Yes! Beyound A Doubt (01) History Proves It. (02) The Way They Treated Jesus Who Was
    A Holy Man, The Son Of God They Arrested Him, Beat Him, Spit In His Face,Were False Witnesses Against Him! Mocked Him! (03) Arrested Me Everything They Did To Jesus They Did To Me With Exceptions I Am Only Talking When They Arrested Him And Stood A Corrupt Judge As Well I Was Tortured!
    History Is My Argument Read And Just Look Around Theres So Much Obvious Proofs Any Moron Can See! An My Own Personal Experiences Verifies History The Truth Of It

  • This is a POLICE STATE

    This isnt nazi germany. There is a school in tennessee that arrested a father for trying to WALK up to the school to pick his kids up. The school had a policy that says you cant do that and you either had to sit in a hour long line in your vehicle, allow them to take the bus or allow them to walk home. Well the man just wanted his children safe with him after school and the bully cop that was assigned to the school arrested him for no good reason. See the youtube video it will make you sick

  • I saw it last night.

    An officer assaulted a minor and no action was taken. Pathetic. It's really a shame because then people lose respect for the officers that follow the letter of the law. If only all police officers realized that they have to follow the same laws as every other American citizen. :(

  • Even many cops agree

    Former Seattle Police Chief and LEAP member Norm Stamper.
    Look him up.
    He admits that the power got to his head, that he abused his power because he say almost ALL (Or the ones that were his idols) of co-workers doing the SAME thing. He even states that cops need to fix their own culture and that the good ones need to stick up for the people more. But usually even those who don't abuse step down because the one abusing may have more authority over them.

    Also I personally don't think ex-military, those taught to shoot first and ask questions later, should be allowed to be policemen. This is coming from someone who as well as themselves, has a whole family of servers for the country. And it does change you. Hopefully I do not become worse with age, but it seems like every (usually man) in my family was not that bad first coming out. But 10 years or so later is when they really start to show an aggressive and impulsive side.

  • Protect and Serve?

    These police officers have made an oath to protect and serve every individual within the states no mater their ethnicity or beliefs ,but are they protecting and serving or profiling and shooting. In my opinion some police abuse their power not all. Until the police begin to shape up I do not know of I can trust them. I would hope that if I am the one calling for help they would help and do what they swore to do.

  • My life experience

    I'll spare you long stories but sometimes for no reason and sometimes because I prevoked it. On the provoking incidents it was really they were just rude so I said something then they had to show off their power over me. I don't know if I have just had bad luck or if it's my area but I have never had a good experience with cops. Btw never been to jail, never had to do pti, cleanest record you will ever see.
    Demographic: White male 23 clean cut dress well drive a volvo

  • Police abuse their power

    I have found that the culture that exists in the world of police work fosters distrust. They see the average citizen as the enemy. In my experience, I have known very very few police officers who even bother to be polite to people, even when there is no investigation going on. I have personally been subjected to non-justifiable harassment as well as what could only be construed as false imprisonment. The charges were summarily dropped by the DA, because they were transparently false, but they still came back to haunt me later in life. I have come to believe that the only officer of the law who does not abuse their power is the rookie, and he or she simply hasn't had the time to get used to the fact that all the senior officers would rather shoot someone than take a punch.

  • No less than criminals

    The are the bullying the innocent and the people they're supposed to be protecting in the first place, and yet they insist that they're doing a good job. A lot of policemen in the Philippines are like that, they use trumped-up charges to imprison an innocent person like poor domestic helpers.

  • No they need to protect their self

    Police need to protect their self. What if a 6.3 foot dude weighing 328 came running at you would you shoot him? I would shoot him not once but twice to get him down. I know for a fact that he wouldn't go down in one shot. It would take multiple shots.

  • No, because their are crazy people out their

    Hell no they don't abuse power their are some crazy people out their that have always and will always provoke the police. The reason that they take such drastic measure is because they have to protect themselves. Their are very few police men or women that abuse their power or treat other badly

  • It is the compliant citizen who creates the Gestapo, not the Gestapo!

    Police are people, the same as all the nice German public in 1930′s Europe. They’re not demons. Just people, given administrative power with a compliant populace. Stop your whinging! Peaceful protestors! What poppycock! We the police, own your roads and you DO NOT even contest fines in court, which you would probably win. The law is actually currently on your side, but your lazy, or scared. And the police help you women, church-goers and hypocrytes ‘feel safe’. You are compliant, uninformed and weak. The ever increasing penalties, and incarceration of your non-compliant males, just makes you quieter. The baby-boomer generation, of which I am part, has relinquished so many hard fought rights paid for in blood by previous generations, and placed absurd restrictions on especially the males of the next generation. Accept the jack-boots in your normal yuppie fashion, because you’ve already forgotten that everything Hitler did WAS LEGAL! It took till 1944 for the average German to understand they were conned. Might is right works. That’s why many governments have always liked it.

  • No we as U.S. Citizens have to quit believing the stereotypes .

    We as perspective individuals of the United States of America have to absolutely have to quit believing in stereotypes. I as a African American teenager can honestly tell you that I used to believe all police were abusing there power. My thoughts of police changed when I missed the bus to school one day and the chief of my local police department stopped and asked me did I need a ride. I was hesitant at first because although I believed police abused there power they've never actually did anything to to me. I simply thought like that because I saw the police constantly snatching people up in my community and slamming them into walls or on the ground. After I thought about the long walk I was facing to school I got in to the car and to my surprise he wasn't as bad as I thought he was. He asked me about my grades and about me he also took me to get breakfast. The best part about the ride though is that he had a good sense of humor he made me change my whole perspective of the law enforcement. So with that I tell you good people of the United States of America don't judge a whole group of people by a few people bad mistakes.

  • A loaded question

    Some do and most dont. As a corporate manager I can tell you horrific stories of employees abusing their positions. It doesnt mean all the people I've hired are bad. The question doesnt say "all cops" and leaves open the chance to answer anyway. Like all jobs of power, only the negative ones are brought out in the media. America unfortunately focuses on that.

  • No, But Some Do

    The question paints all police the same way. There are many bad cops out there who are corrupt and abuse their power, but there are also so many other good and honest officers out there. It is a shame to spoil their reputations on the account of a few bad apples.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No, most police officers do not abuse their power.

    In general, no, officers do not abuse their power. While there are bad apples in every profession, it is unfair to paint all members with the same brush. There are hundreds of thousands of honest, hard-working officers working the streets everyday. To say they all abuse their power because a few do is as bad as saying all union workers are lazy, or all doctors over-prescribe narcotics.

  • Police don't abuse

    The fact we live in a corrupted world makes no difference in what they do. People can believe all they want when a police shows up, but it makes no difference that there job is to protect us not kill us. But sadly some do but most won't hurt there own people.

  • Police are only doing their job.

    The police responds to aggravations when they feel they are being threatened. They patrol the streets looking for those dangerous people who can create a bigger danger zone to the society. Those who say that police abuse their power are the ones who have been pulled over or have committed crimes and been caught. If the police are out in the streets risking their lives everyday, they deserve to be respected. Not all police are jerks. The training they go through makes them development a stronger mentality, that is why they come off as jerks.

  • The police need their power

    I don't think I know that most police officers do not abuse their power. They don't try to hurt people only in self-defense or to save lives of others. Instead people only tell the "Wrong" the police did. I am a son of a police officer that works in Baltimore. I know the police hurt people. There is some who do abuse their power, but don't categorizes those who don't. These men and women show courage every day. Put yourself in their shoes. Then come back here and put your input.

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21MolonLabe says2014-12-19T14:10:15.067
Not all police officers abuse their power, but I would say that most do.