• These police belong in schools

    These police belong in schools because they stop all the drama such as fights,bullies,& drugs the kids do and they are also there to fight the crime in the schools.So these police belong and if parents would treat their kids the right way maybe there would not be police in these schools. Today there is so many people breaking the laws that there are lots of police now and days if people just obeyed the law and were good maybe there wouldn't be so many police now and days.So these police belong and those are the reasons why they belong treat your kids right and maybe they will go away. If it frightens the children keep your children clean and treat them right.

  • If it'll make them safer, yes.

    I think that all possible measures should be taken to protect children in public schools so that something like Sandy Hook doesn't ever happen again. If this means police in public schools, then that's what needs to be done. They should stay out of the way for the most part, so as not to scare the students, but their presence in the case of danger is a good idea, I believe.

  • Sadly it has been politicized.

    Not an odd idea, it has merely been politicized. We protect our most valuable asset. There are security guards at banks to protect the money. If you want to walk into a courthouse there will likely be a metal detector and police throughout the building. I believe that I will go uncontested when I say that children are our most important asset, but I figure I will say it anyways. So why not place protection in front of a building with hundreds of our beloved children? There will always be people who want to hurt others, so why leave the most vulnerable among us without any protection when they are densely congregated.

    If the argument is that it will place a stigma on the children and make them feel differently about school then let me address that two ways. First, there is security everywhere outside of school (stores, government buildings, police)--even the home can have a security system to protect from wrongdoers, so children are used to this. Second, it is only stigmatizing if you picture the police acting in a stoic and unapproachable way. Many security guards are very friendly, and if they act friendly with the children then I think there would be a bigger psychological effect from a mean teacher than a security guard.

    Second, if budget is the issue then our priorities are misaligned to a disgusting level. We have the money to protect a few judges at a courthouse, but not hundreds of children. Seems off to me.

    I think the idea has been politicized because those who oppose guns don't want the topic or solution to stray away from gun control. When a different solution is suggested, their support for anti-gun legislation is diluted (I am really not trying to get into that argument, but when you think about it in a non-partisan way, it makes sense.) As a result, many have pushed it off the table of options.

  • Yes police can help protect

    It is not a bad idea to have one or two policemen in public schools. The police are there to serve the community and a public school is part of the community. They can be a good deterant from crime and help to protect the general population in a meaningful way.

  • Police should be put in all public schools

    Yes I think that the police do belong in public schools because it helped protect students from any school shootings or it can help students to not take drugs and of course to not drink alcohol too by the way ok ok so they should have to put police in all public schools

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  • Yes, Police should be in school.

    Have you ever been bullied? Or have watched someone sell drugs to fellow students? This all could stop just with the help of police guarding schools along with being inside them, Watching and keeping an eye on the hallways. In my opinion, It's a safer way. Many students could start feeling confident and safer at school.

  • Why does it matter

    It can be real easy too not argue about it if you have them so what its not like it can be bad if you have them. They help with drugs annd bullying and also helping other kids. I i i i i ii i i i i i i

  • Yes of course they should

    These day there are a lot of people getting bullied by children who are attending school togather. If we want to not hurt kids anymore we of course need police in our school. If you guys don't want police in school their parents should take care of them very nicely that makes no bullies in school

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  • School Police are aggressive with students

    Our experience has been that the female officer at
    Sparks High School was acting as if she was dealing with felons. She thought she was there to pick out every little thing. She was not helping by sending more kids to juvenile hall. She was finally embarrassed in court .

  • Schools forget how to discipline.

    Our local public school stopped using psychiatric resources to help children with behavioral problems and began calling the school cop. This is an elementary school. The teachers never once considered consistent behavior problems in certain students might be a problem best handled by a licenced therapist or at least a team consisting of teachers, guidance counselors and parents. Discipline problems become police problems. When you have a hammer, all problems look like a nail.

  • Hello? Tax raise!!!!!

    Who pays for coops salary's? Tax payers! If we had at least one cop per school in America that would be millions more dollars in taxes!!!!!! I mean there are hundreds of thousands schools in America! Can you imagine how much of a tax raise on top of the huge taxes we already pay? If we get cops in schools many more children can wave good bye to nutritious meals, new clothes, school supplies, birthday party's, holiday presents,and childhood memories of camp. Also their parents because many adults would have to start working at least two jobs

  • No way!! Scary...

    You do not need the police walking around in public. It seems scary and something that they need to come down on. In the US there should be security guards but that is all to protect children from disgusting idiots!!! Stop all gun violence as quick as you can!! NOW

  • No, it will frighten the children.

    This goes back to the question, should there be armed security guards in school. I know there has to be a solution, but having armed policemen should not be the answer. I think it is sending a false message to children, that it is fine to carry guns. The children are young and impressionable. The police belong on the streets, and they should be patrolling the area. In the schools? No.

  • No, it will frighten the children.

    This goes back to the question, should there be armed security guards in school. I know there has to be a solution, but having armed policemen should not be the answer. I think it is sending a false message to children, that it is fine to carry guns. The children are young and impressionable. The police belong on the streets, and they should be patrolling the area. In the schools? No.

  • Don't make the problem worse.

    While it would make parents and some students feel safer to have a police officer on campus at public schools, it would be very costly for the tax payers, and could lead to more students feeling threatened by those officers which might lead to more attempts at violence in the schools.

  • Treating kids criminally

    My son Is a 13 year old middle schooler who is dealing with the court system in MA for breaking a $30 ceiling tile. As much as I agree it was wrong of him, I also feel as though a few detentions and paying for the tile would have been sufficient. Instead he was read his rights and sent to juvenile court. Now, My child believes he is a criminal. Years ago this would never have happened to a child. It’s sad and terrifying for a child that made a stupid choice. Most kids make a few stupid choices in their lives, I did. It didn’t make me a criminal. Police in schools are fine but come on, The school should be able to handle the normal kid stuff!

  • So wrong Don't u think

    These buff men are use to putting heads on cars bonnets, So what makes us think that they will not do it to us. THINK ABOUT THIS PEOPLE! Little kids will get scared of there guns and handcuffs and will wait in anticipation if they will use it or not.

  • I think that they should not

    I think that they should not because that would make students that belong in school feel uncomfortable and the school would be such a boring place that kids cant learn right and they cant make friends like their supposed to and so on thing that students need wont get that completly.

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