• Support all Police

    They are there to protect us from the idiots on the right side of this debate page. Criminals always say the cops have to much power. With 800,000 cops in the country we are bound to hear about some of them getting in trouble. But criminals like to peg them all as bad.

  • Yes Sir Officer!!!

    I have raised my children to respect authority. I think police really have no choice but to profile and use deadly force when they are not having a command ordered, or feel a threat including intimidation. So I do not care what color you are, or what you are doing if you are told stop drop and roll do it. If you are being subject to any possible police brutality, the truth will come out. I would have shot the dude in NY, He died from being over weight.

  • You won't understand until you do the job

    Cops aren't bad.Just imagine waking up each day knowing it could be your last. It's a dangerous job and requires commitment. It requires hours of training and they go through all the trouble for what? To save people, to take care of our community. Sure some can be bad but when is anyone ever perfectly good?Imagine the weight of many lives on your shoulder , heavy right? Police have to carry that weight everyday. Every time thye put on that uniform they become targets of criticism and danger because criminal can easily recognize them and kill them but it doesn't stop them from putting it on; why? Because the care they keep us safe and secured they make sure the law is enforced and sure they can be mean sometimes but everyone does that. If a teacher calls u out for not doing homework u get detention, i don't see a riot for that ,same thing as a police u don't follow the law u get jail time sure they are more dangerous because they carry weapons but how else will they protect us in simple a cop wont bother u if your not bad so i don't see the problem they protect and do community service there normal people doing the bravest thing in the world so respect will them because people who them are the ones who never actually looked at the percentage of danger that job brings

  • There is real substance to the cliché, “You cannot judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.”

    The genuine issue at hand is civil lawlessness and the containment of it. Respect is always due to the police force because they fill an extremely necessary position in civilized society. How can a public not understand their job and the crime that requires them to be employed? They protect the society from the bad guys-criminals. Every day they enter an unknown world of potential crime and judge in a split second their response. Police are human but the uniform, force, gun, law, and on….Must be respected and all children must be taught to respect them regardless of the limited percent who judge poorly. Consider life without the police force… Consider the police force that is briefed daily on potential domestic terror attacks since 9-11… There is real substance to the cliché, “You cannot judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.” It takes a unique person to fill the position of a police officer. God bless America, her soldiers, her police, their families, and her Supreme Law of the Land. Last thought for those who do not respect police, what do you suggest to replace the police force and it must be effective because criminals never go away no matter how idealistic you may be-read your history.

  • People should only get as much respect as the give.

    I believe people should only get as much respect as they give out. If the police that is handling your situation is giving you the utmost respect he/she should receive the same. At the same time those belligerent police who act like there above everyone and think that there untouchable should receive the same low level of respect that they are giving you.

  • Cops protect citizens every single day!

    They risk their lives in the line of duty everyday, whether it be in the streets chasing down a robber or drive-by shooter, or in a jail/prison breaking up an inmate fight. Sure, there are a FEWA bad apple cops, but you can find that in ANY line of work! So instead of "F*** the Cops" how about Appreciate the Police Officers!!!!!

  • Police do deserve more respect.

    People have it in their heads that police are the bad guys, but that is only because they choose to remember the bad things that police do. Whatever they see on the news about a policeman being bad is what they think all police are like, and that is wrong. Police are just trying to do a job and because people don't like having an authority over them, they choose to act out in disrespect. The police are just trying to make sure everyone is safe and that everything is alright. If they weren't around, there would just be disorder everywhere. It is a dirty job that they chose to do and we are giving them crap for it.

  • They Have A Hard Job

    Most police are highly ethical people who really do care about the communities they serve. A lot of these good cops end up getting smeared by what of few bad apples do. Corrupt cops need to be rooted out at all costs, but people should always keep in mind that most cops are not crooked.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes, Police risk their lives for us

    Millions of Americans respect our troops who risk their lives for our freedom. Why can't the police get the same respect when they risk their lives everyday for our safety. The police do way more good than any one ever gives them credit for and it is about time we change that.

  • They Deserve More

    Cops really do deserve more respect. They seems to get a bad wrap and have a negative connotation attached to them due to a few bad police. Cops keep our streets as safe as possible and are out to help their communities They do much more good than bad for the most part.

  • They deserve no respect

    The police Force is now nothing more than a fascist regime to fashion and mold people into well "adjusted" citizens aka zombies. They enforce laws that violates constitutional rights, they arrest people when no real crime has been committed (I witnessed this too often). That and the jails are nothing more than a profit machine by keeping people in jail!

  • Respect needs to be earned

    My daughter had problems with neighbours police gave no help at all even when there son threatened my daughter they said no crime had been comitted I was so incensed I put a finger up to the neighbours cctv and put a complaint in about the police there response was to take me to court absolute joke they will never get any respect from me now

  • All Respect Lost

    I experienced first hand how they abuse the power of their position in the community. I live in an upper middle class crime free neighborhood in Maryland. I am a white female in my mid fifties with NO criminal background, not even a parking ticket. I was separated and my husband at the time (a violent individual) had not lived in the marital home for about a year, we were in the middle of a divorce. My elderly mother who lives with me called me at work to tell me that he was beating on the door and windows wanting to get in with his girlfriend to "get some stuff". I told her I would be right home, and told her that if she felt threatened to call the police.
    When I got there there were 3 county police officers talking to my husband outside the house. When I got out of my car, two officers approached me, told me to stay where I was, and said that my ex needed to get into the dwelling to retrieve belongings. I informed them he had not lived there for over a year and that he had retrieved his belongings long ago, anything else he wanted would be worked out in our divorce. The police informed me that my ex had a drivers license showing that this was his address, and that I had to let him in. I argued that the police don't have the authority to make that determination, and they said again that my ex was going to go in and get belongings and that I had to allow it. I argued more, and used some colorful language for which I was arrested for assault. I never touched or threatened anyone. I told the police they were on video, and they pulled me out of the view of the cameras and threw me in the snow shouting at me to "stop resisting"... The story is way too long, but the gist of it is that I was arrested and detained for about 4 hours while the police allowed my ex to empty the house, and they shut off the video cameras and took the memory card. If not for my neighbors coming forward as witnesses, I don't know what else would have happened. All my charges were dropped, I made a complaint to the county, and they never would ever even tell me if or how these police were dealt with, only they sent a letter saying that the complaint was received, addressed, and now closed. A one sentence letter about 8 months later. Before that incident I would have said that I had the utmost respect for the badge. Not now. I will never trust the police, help the police, or call upon the police. I will handle things on my own as I see fit.

  • They abuse their power!

    I am 34 and white, not that it makes a difference but it does, based off what I have heard from acquaintances and friends. To start when I was 13 I was jabbed in the stomach by a cop for standing at the movie theater sidewalk waiting for my friends in Grapevine, TX. I told him I was waiting for my friends after he told me to move on and he jabbed me with his night stick. The next one was at high school in Colleyville when I was 14 and the last 10 minutes of the year. Basically he asked me to sign a ticket for disorderly conduct and I refused as 5 minutes before he told me he wouldn't. So since I wouldn't sign it he tried arresting me. Did I resist, yes because of what he said prior. When he tried arresting me I just stood there with my arms out and he slipped in the process taking me down on top of him. I was eventually cuffed and taken to jail. He put in the report that I pushed him and he hit his head. In the school hearing the vice principle lied in front of the officer on top of his lie and said I hit him and choked him. When I was 17 I called the cops in Roanoke to remove a girl from MY house that I had already asked to leave for the way she was acting. I did try to pull her out myself and she kicked me in the scrotum. The police showed up and I went to jail with assault to a child against me as she was 12 hanging out with 14-year old's and told them I hurt her wrist. It was dropped later. So years have gone by and 3 days ago my brother called the McKinney police because I was suicidal (supposedly No weapons no nothing just talk. Well when I pulled into my driveway the cops pulled me over and asked me to show my hands. I did and got out. He said I hear you have been having problems and I told him I was fine and don't feel like talking and proceeded to walk inside. Next thing I know he was trying to take me to the ground and I resisted as I planned on going inside since I didn't do anything. His officer buddy came and they tasered me. I pulled it out and they tasered me again. After that I blacked out. It took about 2 hours for me to realize what was happening again but I was already in jail by that time with assault to an officer against me. I'm still not understanding that if they were there to help me, how is it I ended up in jail and was not on suicide watch. I have lost all respect for police at this point. Oh and I am educated if that matters.

  • Nothing but armed gestapo.

    Noone deserves respect for being told they have authority to commit criminal acts against US citizens. They swore an oath to uphold the constitution and they break that oath daily.

    Oathbreaking traitors to America deserve NO respect. No better than the criminals they claim to be against. Scum of the Earth Benedict Arnold shitbags.

  • I don't care of its a few bad eggs

    Society as whole is supposed to rely on these peace keepers. If do many are racist and violent, we can't trust any. The chance that an officer you deal with is racist and murderous is too high to risk calling 911. Which makes the whole system useless. I'd kill a cop before I let him into my home, cuz I know statically he'd probably kill me first

  • Respect for fellow humans is not based in a title

    Police use force, coercion and violence as their ultimate method to achieve their goals. They are part of a fraternal order whereby they view themselves as morally and ethically superior to "civilians".

    They are sociopaths because they believe they have the right to use violence on other humans, all the while breaking the very laws they are also supposed to follow.

    I will respect a cop as a human because s/he is human, but whatever respect I would have for them is lost when I hear they are a cop because they continue the myth of government. They are part of the problem with humanity, not the solution

  • Police represent tyranny and control.

    What is a cop there for? Not to protect you, but to punish the criminal. There's a big difference, and most people don't seem to understand that. Cops are here to make sure you stay in line, to make sure that you do what the rich and powerful want. What does that sound like to you?
    When people rob a bank, the cops have the place surrounded in just over a minute. But when an average joe is calling about a burglar in their house, it takes 5 minutes, minimum, for a single patrol car to get there. Frankly, cops are just the dogs of the corrupt people in charge, and they deserve whatever death they get, because they're literally asking for it.

  • No justice no peace

    It seems that the people who serve and protect seem to serve and protect themselves more and get away with criminal actions if it were civilians acting it. PD's are becoming businesses getting revenue for the city by ticketing at any chance or arrest, court hearings etc. Gov't corruption at it's finest.

  • Police are rude to African Americans, so no! Absolutely not

    They don't care about society, they could care less about us, they are rude to only certain people and it isn't fair. All are rude an need to earn respect, not get it because they got a government job. WE need better officers that are not racist and care about us all.

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