• Police forces need to receive continuing education

    This is a nation of dynamic laws and emerging technology. As such police forces need to be continually updated to changing laws and how it applies to current electronic devices. Ten years ago, most did not own video cameras, and if they did they were large bulky items. Now, almost every person above the age of 12 owns a handheld high def camera.

    Are citizens allowed to film police/civilian interactions? I believe they are but many police forces seem to differ in that opinion. Are policed allowed to confiscate and detain those that film such interactions? I doubt it, but yet many do just that.

  • Just the Klansmen amongst them

    Obviously the ones who are Klansmen need a reality check, but the good ones should be allowed to do their job. So no the police in general don't need a reality check, just the ones who act like the Ku Klux Klan. So yes, that's my answer for this question.

  • I say no for the most part.

    My mother has been a police officer for 23 years now in Washington DC and I've met lots of police officers through her. My friends father is a police sergeant for the county in which I live, and he takes me to school most mornings. During all this time, I have noticed that most police officers are just normal people in a uniform. It is just a select few that act in harsh ways. My mom, for example once encountered a woman whom was drunk driving and almost ran into the car my mom was assigned to at the time. Instead of arresting the lady, she parked the woman's car payed for a taxi to pick her up and take her home. The reason I typed this story is that the vast majority of police officers are there to help, not to hurt people. My mother understood that this one woman's mistake with DUI would harm her ability to make a living after that point if she had been charged with it. Most police officers are normal people that want to help the community. The media only reports on the stories that have police officers in a bad light, that people want to hear; not what really happens every day in the life of the normal officer.

    Have a great day (sorry for any typos)

    Posted by: DJH
  • No, they're just doing their jobs

    99.9% of the police force is just out doing their jobs to the best of their ability because they are genuinely concerned with fulfilling their duty to "serve and protect." There might be the 0.01% who need a reality check because they have forgotten what they signed on to the force to do, but they are in a minority.

  • The Police Need All the Support They Can Get

    The police do not need a reality check because they put themselves in harm's way every day trying to uphold the law for their communities. The police need our support. We also need to uphold, as citizens, a standard of moral, ethical, and legal behavior so that we are not violating what our country and police need to protect.

  • Police are over Critisized

    Police in general do a brilliant job and are over critized by the public. Strangely enough, those who are law abiding do not have a bad thing to say about the police. Unfortunately there are some people who cannot abide by the law and will claim it is the fault of the law itself, as opposed to looking at their behaviour.

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