Do the potential pitfalls of Facebook outweigh the benefits?

  • Facebook affects the work performance of many Americans.

    Now that I've retired, I have realized the amount of wasted time my friends spend online. More than half the people that I communicate with throughout the day are at work. I don't think I could stand a job where I have to waste my time being on Facebook Gossiping! The

  • It promotes narcissism and commercialism and adds to the noise of the internet.

    The social veneer of Facebook is just used as an excuse to draw advertisers and to tailor it based on consumer personalities. People get drawn to Facebook because what gather the most attention and rewards in the form of "likes" and "shares" are posts that require the least effort: selfies and feel-good reactions to the topic of the day. Since most view Facebook on small devices, the image is king. Even an idea expressed in just 1 paragraph has little chance of being read.

    Posted by: UvaE
  • The world is becoming antisocial.

    With Facebook becomeing more and more popualar people are becoming more and more antisocial. People have thousands of friends on facebook yet they wouldnt be able to have a genuine covorsation with any of them. I know people who talk to people over facebook, tag them in comments and photos, but when they're in person couldn't bring themselves to say a word. Its becoming to easy to isolate yourself from real life.

  • Yes, there are more pitfalls to Facebook than benefits.

    Too many people are becoming reliant on Facebook for updates about themselves, rather than using traditional methods of visiting with people or the phone. It's more of a one-sided conversation, and more about yourself rather than having a two-way conversation. Another negative thing about Facebook is that it promotes jealousy, since people tend to only share biased and skewed views of their lives. It's also a time-zapper, with all of the updates and photos to keep track of.

  • Many Facebook Pitfalls

    I believe the potential pitfalls of Facebook far outweigh the benefits. Generally, I view the benefits of Facebook as minimal, as I find no use for their services, such as games or messaging. However, since employers have started to use Facebook as a means to filter job applicants, I think the dangers of Facebook have grown exponentially. I think it leads to a lot of people receiving biased and false information and I believe it allows employers to profile their applicants and apply a lot of discrimination without being caught.

  • Facebook is a great way to socialize

    Yes, I think that Facebook's benefits outweigh the pitfalls. Facebook is a great way to socialize, network, and advertise all at the same time. If a user is careful about the what is entered into facebook and uses the security features to the best of their abilities, some of risks can be mitigated.

  • If Overused, Then Yes, Solution Make All Internet Free

    Facebook is great for reconnecting with old and distant friends and discovering people you share interests with you didn't know about. However, Facebook sells people's information to advertisers. Employers are sometimes demanding Facebook passwords. States need to act quick to pass laws against this.

    The same problem is happening with Google's approach to privacy. Why? The connection with advertisers. But there must be a connection with advertisers because otherwise they have to spend money to have websites and they are in business to make a profit. The only way we can solve this is by making access to the internet a public service free to all users, eliminating the need for people using the internet to get money from advertisers. Google and Facebook could keep selling information to advertisers, but very quickly some group of collaborators, most likely simply the initial users starting a cooperative management style website run by its users would set up similar websites that don't even have advertisements on them and certainly wouldn't be selling your information. People would then abandon Google+ and Facebook in droves for these new sites.

  • The potential pitfalls of Facebook are overshadowed by the benefits of it.

    While there is definite potential for misuse and harm to come from a community like Facebook, the benefits far outweigh those risks. Facebook is a valuable tool for connecting with friends, family members, business associates, and communities, as well as an excellent vehicle to spread information and garner support for various causes.

    Posted by: VersedMitch26
  • Facebook is scary

    They retain your private information although I do say that people do not seem to care about their own privacy anymore. Mark zuckerburg is making $12000.00 off each Facebook member per year. So count how many friends you have in your friends list and multiply that by $12,000.00. Zuckerburg sells your private information to advertisers. Why would he do this? If you can't answer that then you really haven't researched Facebook. Everyone thinks Facebook is fun and games and do not really investigate what could or will happen once they become a member of Facebook. Facebook is a danger, but no one looks at the dangers. I think socializing is going out with people to a restaurant or going to someone's home to visit. It is more meaningful to physically go visiting/talk with friends and family. I have done a lot of investigating about Facebook and I will never have a Facebook page. I don't want zuckerburg giving my information to advertiser and I will not mention who else gets members private information. People need to sit down and take a look of what negative consequences can happen when signing up on zuckerburgs service. Members are not a customer, they are a product and that is all you are. Just think of the money zuckerburg makes off you every year and you get nothing from it. Oh, you get to talk to friends, family, etc. But at a big expense. It amazes me that people fall into the Facebook trap. I thought people were more intelligent. Everything is not fun and games. Someone commented there are security issues. I agree, but people need to take control of their own security and not have mark zuckerburg control your security and that is exactly what he is doing. He wants to be in control and wants money made off of you. He is a con. I wonder how much zukerberg would be really worth if people figured out these issues and leave Facebook in masses. Zuckerburg is a hypocrite. He wants to stop employers from asking potential employee's for their passwords, but yet he will retain all your information even when you deactivate your account. Even if you ask Facebook to permanently delete your account they still retain your information even after you die. Zuckerburg feeds on naive/vulnerable people. I work in healthcare and I am just amazed how much computer's store private information on people. Zuckerburg is guilty of storing private information. I have to abide by hipaa, so how does zuckerburg get away with not regarding our feelings on your privacy. I guess our civil rights are not important anymore to citizens. Ever wonder why zuckerburg doesn't ask Facebook members to purchase their memberships? He doesn't have to charge you because he takes your information and sells it to advertisers and makes his moola. A pure thief. As I said I just do not understand how citizens sign up for these social websites before investigating how their privacy rights are ripped away and other things.

  • Facebook Benefits Outweigh the Pitfalls

    No, the potential pitfalls of Facebook do not outweigh its benefits. Facebook allows people to connect with others from all over the world at the push of a button. It also allows people to reconnect with old friends. While certainly there are privacy concerns, the benefits of connection outweigh those pitfalls.

  • When used responsibly the benefits outweight the potential pitfalls.

    While the use of Facebook certainly has potential for negative consequences, when used responsibly the benefits actually outweigh these pitfalls. Facebook offers many advantages as far as keeping in touch with friends and family, following hobbies and interests, being aware of upcoming events, etc. This can all be extremely useful and enjoyable. Naturally there are potential negative consequences if one shares information too freely or without thinking, but with a little thought and responsibility it is easy to negate these risks.

  • The potential pitfalls of Facebook do not outweigh the benefits.

    The potential pitfalls of Facebook do not outweigh the benefits. Facebook is a great resource to have to stay in touch with your friends and family. Most of us would be lost without it as it has bought everyone closer together. I think the pitfalls can be overlooked for the benefits of having it

  • I disagree and believe the benefits of Facebook in re-establishing friendships outweigh the pitfalls.

    Being able to have the chance to reconnect with old high school or college friends after life's travels have separated us has been great. It has allowed folks to remain in touch and even find past friends in the same area without knowing it. It can even keep family in contact and up to date when they are out of state. It allows for a great social network that can motivate and get people to come out for an event or cause.

    Posted by: PenitentKraig32
  • The social networking benefits and the advantages for businesses to get their names recognized outweigh the potential pitfalls of Facebook.

    Social networking has opened up a new arena for businesses to sell products and independent, small companies to find the customers they otherwise would not be able to reach. The pitfalls of Facebook are constructs of people being people. There will always be someone trying to demean others and abuse Facebook but that is what Facebook mediators are for. The personal connections and business opportunities far outweigh the potential pitfalls.

    Posted by: FlippantFrederick55
  • I believe the benefits outweigh the negative aspects, because Facebook brings people closer together.

    Although there are security issues with Facebook, there are security issues with every site on the Internet. Instead, one must look to the great things that Facebook is and will accomplish in the future. People have never before been so closely connected with other people and businesses. Lastly, the site allows people to interact, shop, and discuss topics in one location, instead of having to visit various websites.

    Posted by: PrettyVince50

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