• I support CPS

    I have 3 siblings that were put into foster care because their home life was not good whatsoever. Our parents had many chances to continue having them but always failed drug tests and when a social worker had surprised visits they would be high. My siblings are very happy with their new family and even though I haven't seen them in years, I'm happy for them. I'm glad they are in a safe, Happy home and have a chance to continue their lives without their parents' consequences weighing on them.

  • I believe the pros outweigh the cons!

    The pros outweigh the cons because in multiple situations that I have witnessed, children feel threatened by the change that the CPS agents bring. Personally, it takes more of the Caseworkers time to get the child to trust them, before they can even start to "investigate." Not every agency and/or, caseworker is the same. That is just like saying every police officer is the same, and we all know that is not the truth. It takes a huge heart to deal with what CPS agents deal with daily. Between the heartbreaking situations that some children have to live through, and the false reports that are made out of spite, there is a lot to deal with and sort through. Again, we have to consider the situations that the caseworkers and the people are involved with. We do not know the details, we see what we want to see.

  • Yes, the pros of Child Protective Services outweigh the cons.

    Yes, the pros of Child Protective Services out weigh the cons. Child Protective Services does so much good for the children. They take a child and put them in a good home with people who love them, properly care for them, feed them, play with them, among other things. The only real con of CPS is that children are taken away from their parents. In the long run the children will see that this is what is best.

  • The Pros of Child Protective Services Outweigh the Cons

    Child Protective Service agencies protect children who cannot protect themselves against harm and evils in society. While there are cons to Child Protective Services, the benefits are provided - rescuing children from dangerous environments and in some cases, saving children's lives - greatly outweigh any cons. Providing safe environments for the nation's next generation is admirable and worth the costs.

  • Someone has to do something.

    Yes, the pros of Child Protective Services outweigh the cons, because someone has to step in when children are being abused. CPS is the last call for children. Children should not be made to live in sexual abuse, or be physically neglected, just because their parents choose it for them or the parents don't know any better.

  • Family Destroyer True

    Fl cps especially the pros don’t outweigh the cons. They will remove your children based on known false reports and conspire to profit from your children either by foster parents earning various benefits via your child or the state attempting to literally auction off your child(ren) as was my experience. The state paraded around my 2 year old to several potential adoptive families literally 4 months after removing her from my care. They were even giving me a fair chance for reunification. They offered no assistance with goals to move toward reunification. But then the state can’t care for the children in their care. Their being abused, Neglected and killed by these so called “protectors”.

  • They don't listen to the child, Child's therapist, Child's physician, Etc.

    They questioned the abusive parent, In which the parent, And parent's girlfriend, Denied the allegations. Not only there were complaints, Of abuse (physical and mental), From counselors, Physicians, Witnesses, But also from law enforcement agencies. The abusive parent stated that we (grandparents) where influencing the child, In which they took the word of the abusive parent, Without questioning us, So there was not any due process.

  • They are the modern American gestapo

    I do feel as though there should be a child protection service however I don’t feel as though they should be permitted to operate outside the constraints of the constitution. The police are held to a high standard of proof and are scrutinized in court. Defendants civil rights are respected as they should be in a fair and civil society. Cps doesn’t really need to prove anything in order to remove your child and In fact admits to denying people their civil rights in these cases due to the fact that family court is not a criminal prosecution. I say if you’re gonna remove the child there should be an accompanying arrest and charge. If you don’t have enough evidence for that then you don’t have enough evidence to remove the child.

  • They want to protect the children

    Its the main purpose that they want to make sure children are safe and they have a bachelors degree to help children in need of help. I do agree though that there is corruption, But weighing the families and children they have helped, Is it not all worth it? I believe there is a point where they have helped so much that without them, Many children will be abused or in danger.

  • Cps is corrupt.

    No real interest in helping, they have to offer because it is part of how they get paid. They have to use a agency they are in partner with...So the buck stays within. They hire anyone that is willing to do and say whatever to lie, to justify need for intervention. I don't know why they work so hard at lying since juvenile court is worthless and truth is not important. Family destruction is all in a days work. Oregon lets this go on even though they are supposed to care about the families. You would think that they could put some of the stupid bills aside to handle cps reform. I say call it emergency. I say call the feds and investigate these horrible people and their partners.

  • CPS Is Pure Evil.

    The Department Of Childrens And Families (CPS)/Social And Rehabilitation Services (SRS)/Child Protective Services Corruption, 14 Things The Department Of Childrens And Families (CPS)/Social And Rehabilation Services (SRS)/Child Protective Services Will Never Admit To.

    1) They Unconstitutionally Take Children From Poor Families, Families In Debt, & Families Struggling With Money (It's Called "Legal Kidnapping").

    2) They Twist Peoples Word Around.

    3) If A Child Is Abused By Another Foster Child, Or Any Other Foster Family Member They Do Not Invesigate It, & They Do Not Report It To The Cops.

    4) All Abuse By Another Foster Child, Or Any Other Foster Family Member Is Covered Up.

    5) They Do Not Investigate Anything Before They Kidnap A Child From A Home.

    6) They Allow Sex Offenders, Child Beaters, Murders, & Other Evil Pieces Of Shit To Be Foster Parents.

    7) They Only Do Random Background Checks On The People That Work For Them.

    8) They Do Not Do Background Checks On The Foster Children, Or Anyone The Foster Parent Knows Personally That Does Not Work For Them (This Is Actually The Second Part To Number 7).

    9) They Voilate Your First, Second, Fourth, Fifth Amendment Rights, Six, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Eleventh, Thirteenth, & Fourteenth Amendment Rights.

    10) They're Not There To Help You Or You're Children.

    11) They're There To Destroy Your Family.

    12) There Is Nothing Good About Them (The Whole Agency Is Pure Evil).

    13) They're Not Your Friend, They're Your Enemy.

    14) They Think They're Above The Law & They Also Think The State Owns Your Children.

  • I dont think that child welfair services help.

    I have had involvement with the agency since i was a little kid. My sister and i were removed from my mothers home following my parents divorce. We were removed because she had a boy friend that was a predator. He was arrested and yet we were still removed as if it was my mothers fault he was that way. We were placed in 3 homes before being given to my dad. As a result I was unable to learn proper parenting till later in life and i have had ptsd from the abuse that was inflicted in one home. In life i have had a child removed from me due to an abusive husband. I needed help to get out of the relationship. Not punished for having a child. So my son was removed for 10 years and placed in numerous homes and even a group home for boys. The agency kept him due to ADHD. Like that was my fault. He was born with it so they used it to their advantage. This caused a huge relationship gap between my son and me. He also has that gap with other family members who were not allowed to visit. It caused relationship issues with me and my family. And also created a huge drift with extended family. My son since then has been diagnosed with Anxiety, PTSD, and numerous behavior problems. He is addicted to drugs and alcohol. He can not hold a job or a relationship. All due to being over protected. I think if the agency had been more helpful and helped me to get out. And helped with parenting classes and relationship classes then the damage that the agency caused would not have happened.

  • CPS is a child trafficking agency in disguise

    CPS helps no one. Children who are in need of help don't get help because no one wants to deal with the problems associated with children who are sexually abused. They want healthy, well adjusted children that they can sell. It does not matter if you abused your child or not and based upon research, those anonymous calls are often bogus. The trauma caused by removal of a child from their home defies description. Yet this agency bases its entire case on an anonymous call? Even these are lies. I have known CPS to conspire with others to remove children from homes and then deliberately keep the information from the family. They are liars all and what they do, they do ONLY for money. CPS is a vile agency filled with corrupt reprobates - pederasts and pedophiles and wickedness of all kinds. The people who take in other people's children most often do it for money. There are no success stories from children in foster care and if you find one they are false. Each year children age out of the system and those children have to be replaced or the agency gets no federal funding. The entire thing is a scam, a setup.

  • No I do not agree that the pros outweigh the cons of child protection services.

    Sense I was in diapers my family has had to constantly deal with child services. Our in counters with them were never wanted or needed and only had negative effects on my siblings as well as myself. Many of the times they attacked us were because of false claims plased by my ungodly aunts and grandparents. Yet the agents never listened and only cared about our parents or home. They never truly asked or listened when we told them that we were happy. The only unhappy thoughts in our lives came from our outside family like grandparents or uncles and aunts and the child services. My siblings and I live in constant fear of them. My life's greatest fear,distrust, and hatered came mainly from the services. My siblings and I are growing up with anxiety and depression because of the child protection services. They have helped others before I know that, but to my family they have done nothing but cause harm to us. I understand that they have helped and even saved childeren, but they have also been what causes the childeren immense harm.

  • Cps ruins family. They do not care that they ruin and destroy families in the process of "trying to investigate"

    Cps takes kids out of their only homes they have known and place them into a stranger's home. That is why a lot of kids get angry and attack the caseworkers. Also on the other side, cps takes so many kids away that they cannot place them all in homes. So because they have no room, they place them in hotel rooms or in the cps offices.

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