• Eminent Domain Gives more than it takes

    Eminent Domain allows for construction of roads to improve transportation, which improves transportation of raw products and delivery of finished goods. Eminent Domain generally pays more for land than it is worth, and in the process, creates new roadway frontage that increases potential for the property remaining. Eminent Domain increases the value of land by increasing its potential and accessibility.

  • The Pro's of eminent domain outweigh the cons.

    Eminent domain is actually the definition of pros outweighing the cons. A nation only claims emininent domain when they need the land for public use. This means the land would be better used by many people than just the one owner. The owner is properly compensated most often with more than the land is worth, and is usually used for something like a park or a highway.

  • Yes, the pros outweigh the cons of eminent domain.

    I definitely think that the pros outweigh the cons in regards to eminent domain. I think that the policy is something that helps to ensure the strength of a nation when it comes to the political stage. I also do not see anything wrong with it. I think all American should support it.

  • Native American rights to treaty land is compromised.

    A government jackal to nip at the heel of promises already compromised by court proceedings and the inability to come up with creative solutions to the land grab that began years ago. No solidarity.
    The government is not serving the people well when the morals of compromise (land grab) outweigh the morals of justice.

  • Keep your hands off my property

    I AM ONE OF MANY Americans whose property is under assault from crony capitalism -billion dollar corporations and government, Armed with immense power and resources illegitimately seize private property from relatively powerless small private property owners and the courts are only too happy to help. It's a cesspool of corruption.

  • No, It often does not.

    There is a particular danger when a company that has little chance of profitability comes in, Destroys property and then abandons it through bankruptcy. This is particularly destructive for agricultural land. The other abuse is for the purchasing company to profit from the sale of the property for another use. Eminent domain was meant to provide a service or benefit for the common good. Private companies taking someone's property for a COOL idea goes against the rights of ownership, Especially if it benefits only a small group. Eminent domain needs serious reform.

  • Where are our Rights?

    We have our own land for a reason. It is not right for someone just to rip it out our hands, and then make more money off of it. Yes they pay the landowner a good amount, but the landowner could make a lot more money as time goes by then the amount the government gives them.

  • Pros versus Cons of Eminent Domain

    As in the case of Kelo v. City of New London, this was a case of a greedy pharmaceutical company coming in and trying to oust owners who had been there for hundreds of years and frankly should not be allowed, I can understand coming in and cleaning up slums that cause a danger to others but NOT where they come in and just try to take the land to give to a giant company.

  • Pros VS Cons

    I do not believe the pros of eminent domain always outweigh the cons. Eminent domain has been used for some pretty sketchy things in the past and sometimes the power is abused. For the most part I find it to be valuable and I feel the property owners are usually paid slightly more than their land/property is worth. However, sometimes these cases include corruption and blackmail.

  • Eminent Domain Punishes the One for the Many

    Eminent domain infringes upon many individual civil liberties as property taken by a government or government agency is first and foremost that individuals private property. The monetary compensation given for property is only good for the property value at that time. The value of land only increases as time goes on, thus the government can gain that monetary value for itself when it is taken from an individual.

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