• Pro privateization -

    Common core standards have ruined school. Kids dont learn about things that they should have exposure to. Its silly to think inner city schools will be. As good as ones in suburbs. Religion also needs to be broughtt back into schools. Diversity is over rated. Muslim kids can goto their own school

  • WAY more choice with regards to schools!

    I agree to the fact that by privatizing schools we can ALLOW parents to choose where their children go to school as opposed to being FORCED into having their children go through just a very limited amount of school options (i.E. Public Schooling vs. Private Schooling) which eventually ends up hurting them in the long run and teaches them that there isn't a choice to be made with regards to education, when IN FACT, there is (and that there should be)!

    Posted by: C96
  • Education should be privatized

    As previously mentioned, public institutions tend to be inherently inefficient. This is because all institutions, government or not, exist to survive and meet their own ends. This is not usually a problem with private institutions, because the only way they can maintain revenue is by providing a relatively competitive and quality service to students, so it's a win-win. But government institutions do not acquire funds in such a way, they normally use political capital to acquire it from taxpayers, regardless of quality of service.

    Also, teachers would be best served in a private school system, because they would not only be free from bureaucratic education regulations, but they would also be free from bureaucratic pay scales, which means that high-performing teachers could be rewarded with additional pay.

  • Privatizing education would benefit everyone.

    Government-run enterprises are historically inefficient. The education system, with the constant bantering for increased funding, curriculum changes, and inequality has become an institution for bureaucrats. Private schools, in my experience, better prepare students for life beyond school as they are not bound by traditional methods of instruction. Accountability is also increased, as those private schools that do not perform up to standards will eventually fail, much like for-profit businesses. The issue with publicly funded projects is that typically there are never enough funds. The administrators and school boards seem to fatten their own wallets rather than ensure students receive a proper education. Performance among teachers is also not rewarded, as excellent, hard working teachers earn the same as a teacher that takes a more, shall I say, relaxed approach. Privatization is definitely something that should be examined and brought to the table.

  • Private school is beneficial.

    The pros outweigh the cons when considering privatizing school. Leaving school in the hands of companies can be beneficial because it leaves proper hiring and ensures schools are run to enhance performance. Government aims to enhance performance currently but does not give incentive to the school. Privatizing school would be best.

  • Yes, I think the pros of school priatization outweight the cons.

    I think overall when you privatize something you are making it more efficient and effective which is very good in an area like education, I think in general a parent should be able to decide if they want their child in a public or private school and if they are able to afford it.

  • Religious Education Purposes

    Religious schools are private schools, and they have tuition. Considering they are not a part of the public school district, they are not accommodated for through public funding. In this, it is necessary that they are run through profit. Religion is not welcome within a public school. That being said, those who wish to acquire a religious education must attend a private school. This should be an option for all parents and children if they so choose.

  • Choice And Freedom Matters

    If you are given a choice to choose what vehicle, home and even healthcare you want to buy depending on your budgets, why should we be deprived of our choices? For centuries people work hard to work themselves up the economic ladder to cultivate their children. People are responsible for their own choices. Nobody is born the same. I wasn't born as Michael Jordan. But can I say since I don't earn like Michael Jordan, I need to take money away from him because it was not fair I was not born like him. Or can we say, since our parents weren't like Bill Gates, so now we need to take away money from him? Bill Gates made his choices and became rich. He did not rob us. Our parents made their different choices and arrived at where they are.

  • Cui Bono? Not Children.

    Multiple studies have shown that innovators are not taught simply what they need to know to do X job. They have well-rounded instruction that includes multiple sources. Steve Jobs came to his love of design through typography. Imagine if he'd been forced to follow a specific path!

    Programs like IBM's P-TECH are focused on what IBM needs, Not what the kids enrolled in it need--potentially beyond IBM. We must not rely on the largesse of corporations to create a generation with tunnel vision.

  • Private Schools Take Away From Public Schools Funding

    Despite charging parents for the privilege of having their children attend these schools, Private schools still receive government funding from tax payer dollars. Due to the current administration's secretary of education having close ties to the private sector within education, Public funds have been taken from public schools in an attempt to justify a fully privatized educational system.

  • Simply creates a bigger divide between privileged and non-privileged individuals

    To say that because public schools are ineffective so they should be eliminated is liking saying people die in hospitals so we should get rid of them. Private schools are not illegal and most agree they offer better education that public ones- but at least the public ones ARE available to those who could not afford it. There should be more going in to public schools because the education we provide to our children is so critical and the lowest common denominator are the ones we should be working to build up the most. Eliminating or diminishing public education leaves children with struggling parents less opportunity than they have now under the guise of offering better education - but the small print being that it's only for the more privileged.

  • No it doesn't

    What privatizing schools does is take away the funding from the already mediocre public school education. I myself went to private school & came out with higher knowledge in general than my public school counterparts. Yes, private schools are edpensive but I went to Catholic school & to me a religious based academic institution means you have the freedom to teach religion & practice it. I also had the privilege of not having to go to CCD on Sunday mornings. That should be the difference if not other than having a brain power connection with the local college/university. Public schools need reform & they need to pay their teachers higher wages for trying to teach a broken system.

  • Our Founders knew that a public system of education was the guarantor of democracy.

    Privatizing our education system would place the economic and social responsibility of preparing our citizenry in the hands of businesses motivated by financial profit. However flawed, our public education system is governed largely by elected school boards who serve at the will of the people. Many states exert even more local control by subjecting school budgets to public referendum. Placing our children's academic preparation in the hands of private providers subjects us to the risks of entrusting their futures to the lowest bidder.

  • No They Do Not

    I do not feel the pros associated with school privatization outweigh the cons. I actually believe there are very few pros for school privatization. I am a supporter of public school because I feel the school system should belong to the public and answer to the public. Our school systems can be fixed if they are taken care of properly.

  • No, it does not.

    School being privatized would only serve to harm the people. The education would be up to the School Board running the private school rather than the government forcing certain fundamental things to be taught. The privatization of schools would likely serve to limit the students understanding and knowledge they receive.

  • No, they do not.

    The only thing privatization of school does is cause more classism and draws more lines between people who are already divided. Before schools went public, there were people who couldn't even read in the developed world. This is no longer the case. Private school across the board, without being complimented by public education, is horrid.

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