• Yes!! It saves lives

    22 people a day die from not getting a transplant they need and more people would be inclined to sell if there was money behind it. Also if it was legal the US waiting list would go down to zero which would be miraculous! Every 10 minutes someone new gets added to the waiting list

  • More organs available.

    Yes, the pros of selling organs outweigh the cons, because there would be more people that would be willing to donate organs of their relatives. When we subsidize something with money, we will get more of that behavior. The pros are that more people can have their lives extended. That is worth the business.

  • The pros of selling organs don't outweigh the cost

    People ought not sell their organs. Everything about the body is a product of 4 billion years of evolution. If you didn't need it then it wouldn't have evolved the organ. A person who is at a point in their life where they are considering selling an organ is desperate. Such a system where organs are sold is an exploitive one.

  • no, it does not

    I do not think the sale of organs is necessary. In fact, they should be completely free. This would be easy to achieve. Make it mandatory that people's organs have to be donated after they die. It is a simple fix to a horrible problem, and it would completely erase this issue.

  • There's nothing good about organ farming.

    I cannot think of any real pros to selling human organs. The money you get from doing such a thing will not pay for the inevitable medical complications that crop up from purposely disabling yourself. It also leads to unethical behaviors by doctors and hospitals by turning them into organ farms.

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