Do the pros of single-sex schools outweigh the cons?

  • Yes, the pros of single sex schools outweight th cons.

    I think that the pros of single sex schools outweigh the cons. I think that such schools allow students to be able to focus on the subjects and classes being taught at the school without the distraction of the opposite sex. I do not really see too much cons about them.

  • No, I don't think the pros of a single-sex school outweight the cons.

    I believe that single-sex schools are beneficial in some ways but overall I think it hurts some ones ability to communicate and learn about the opposite sex, I think overall it creates a better atmosphere in the school when you have a co-ed school that is full of activities for both sexes.

  • No, not in any way.

    There is nothing good about single sex schools in my opinion. It is a necessity for development to be around both sexes and people of all ages. It is not good to break ourselves into groups and separate from one another. The drive to do this in some people really disturbs me.

  • No They Don't

    I do not believe the pros of single-sex schools outweigh the cons. I believe single sex schools separate the sexes which in turn makes it more difficult when they have to interact together. The business world does not separate sexes so why would we do this in our school systems?

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