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  • Me or Them

    If i was just at my home and all of a sudden someone comes into it with a clear sense of harming me or taking something that i own, i will not just run away and hope for the best that he doesn't chase me or shoot me. I will make sure he goes down before he has the chance to take me down.

  • Stand your ground laws are fair and do not kill people for no reason

    The Stand Your Ground Laws do not mean anything other than the right to stand your ground (hence the name) when there is a threat that might well be deadly. Without this law, one has a "duty to retreat," or, they must run from the danger. Which is not very safe for the attacked, nor very reassuring. Even if you have a gun, if the other person isn't CLEARLY posing a DEADLY threat, you aren't even allowed to use it. Stand your ground laws allow for the full usage of the fight or flight response. Without the law you have to flee. Meaning that you might get caught, or the attacker might get away. With the law, never does it state that you HAVE TO fight. Those that want to run can still run. But at least you have the option to stand your ground and defend your life without being punished for doing so. Unfair killings are not part of stand your ground. Unfair killings are murder. Stand your ground laws do not increase homicides. The study utilized a misleading statistic--it did not differentiate between murders, and self-defense killings. A very big difference. Stand you ground allows the person of color to defend their life from the neo-nazi waving a knife at their face. Stand your ground allows the rape victim to step up and attack their rapist. Stand your ground allows a minority member to defend themselves from an alt-right armed individual. Stand your ground is not only necessary, but beneficial.

  • We must protect ourselves

    Should we be able to protect yourself or not is what it comes down to. Are you willing to take the risk of letting a criminal harm you, or are you going to defend yourself right away? We must exercise or second amendment rights and use them when necessary .

  • Save lives with Stand Your Ground!

    Treyvon Jackson knew exactly what he was doing. He even brought a gun to the site. Not only did she call 911, but she shot him. Think about it. She had probably been robbed before. AND SHE HAD THE RIGHT TO SHOOT BECAUSE HE ENTERED HER HOME!!!! What if he shot her? She needed to protect her life, she was scared to death, and he threatened HER. Plus, he went to her home to steal her money. His relatives made stupid excuses of why he did this. He wanted money, GET A JOB!!!

  • Protection for the Innocent

    The law provides:
    -Self Defense
    -The "okay" to kill on site when sincerely threatened
    -Protection in general

    The biggest flaw here, is that not only can trustworthy law-abiding citizens use this law for the points given-but criminals or trigger happy persons can use it as a loophole to get away with murder. Specific Ex: Trayvon Martin killed by Zimmerman who had clearly abused this law.

  • Stand Your ground saves lives

    I agree with stand your ground laws, because I believe we should all be able to protect ourselves in we find ourselves in a dangerous situation. I know that if I could stop someone from killing me without using lethal force, I would do my best to stop them that way, but if the only course of action I could take would be to end their life to save my own, I would do it without a second thought. The law stands behind me, so I know I am not in the minority here saying that we have the right to protect ourselves.

  • Defending the people

    Many people in America feel that guns are what cause the violence/murders, when this isn't generally true. If one man plans to kill another and doesn't have the means to get a firearm he will find another way, be it a knife or even a baseball bat. If someone is convinced to kill another the law will not deter them, the only person that these types of laws harms are those law abiding citizens who would give up firearms, therefore losing the ability to defend them self in the occasion of an assault.

  • Self protection and reliance

    Sometimes you cant run away and you have to protect yourself and if we take that law away we wont be able to do so. That's why we should keep the stand your ground law. How are you supposed to protect and defend yourself if its illegal to do so.

  • I can't help but agree. Protection and your own safety counts.

    I can't help but agree because you cannot trust or depend on the police in America because they are too political. There are too many criminal -minded people who think they can punch you and rob you. You should be able to shoot low-lives like this to protect yourself. I don't agree with citizens asking strangers questions about whether or not they are from the area but I definitely agree with self-defense against someone who is bothering you. You should be able to tell them get away from me or I'll shoot you. And, then shoot if they don't listen.

  • Take it to far

    When i say to far i mean that people will murder people and say that they were just defending then self and there family from harm and then they will get away it and no jail time. To me it isn't far because a lot of people will start doing that.

  • Enforce existing Racial disparities

    The Marissa Alexander case was an inspiration for the reform Florida's Stand Your Ground law. So, June 21, 2014 there were changes made to the Stand Your Ground Law in Florida expanding the law to cover warning shots as well. On July 21, 2014 Marissa was denied the use to use Stand Your Ground as part of her hearing. If this law was originally put into place to protect women like Marissa, why was she denied the right to use this law. No one was injured when she shot her warning shot with her gun that was legally registered to her to stop her husband from causing more damage to her than he had already done. This innocent woman had to spend over 1,000 days inside of jail on three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and two years on probation. Only because the system we created wasn’t there to help protect Marissa, a innocent young mother and victim of assault. But we let our crooked system protect people like Zimmerman; a man that murdered unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, and never went to jail or served any probation time, but was rewarded money for doing so.

  • Reapeal it now

    The stand your ground law have caused to much death and humicide for instant Travyon Martin Stand Your Ground killing came on March 13, when Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee stated that he could not arrest George Zimmerman because there were no grounds to disprove George Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense.

  • Repeal it Now!

    The law states that people have no duty to retreat. Basically saying that they don't have to try to get away without using lethal force. It incentives the use of firearms in dangerous situations and is correlated with an increased homicide rate. This law causes situations to be escalated and has been used by murderers to get away with the crime.

  • No they do not

    The laws that are created by several states in the United States of America are not clear when it comes to this subject about standing your ground. We have seen a lot of things that have taken place that have made national television The people who do the shooting may not be completely sure of the law.

  • Repeal it now!

    The Stand Your Ground law has already caused massive controversy in Florida and the United States because it is so vague that multiple criminals in recent years have gotten off of straight murder or manslaughter charges because it complicates convicting shooters so much that it changes the entire definition of murder.

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