• I believe the pros of the IPhone 6 outweigh the cons

    I think this because, firstly the amount of GB you can have (up to 128GB) Secondly I love how you can have two different sizes (the IPhone 6 and 6 plus) and lastly how apple has kept up with technology, not keeping with the same ideas and tweaking them slightly they have made a massive improvement from the 5s and 5c

  • Yes, the pros of the iphone 6 outweighs the cons.

    While the iPhone 6 has had some issues, including bending problems, I believe it's always better to keep up with technology. Most, if not all, new technology has some kinks to work out in the beginning stages, but they usually always get worked out. I don't think Apple would put out a poorly working product if its reputation would be put on the line. Apple always sets out to expand upon their previous successes, so while there may be some issues now they will get solved eventually.

  • No. Not right now.

    There are too many bugs going on with the iPhone 6 that need to be worked out before I would buy one. I'll stick with my iPhone 5 for now that does everything currently need my smart phone to do. Once the bugs are worked out and they stop bending, then I'll consider getting an upgrade.

  • no they don't

    I don't think having a phone that can break, bend in half, or has up-dates that render it useless is worth any pros. How are you going to take advantage of the "pros" when the cons make the phone unusable? I would think that would make any of the pros obsolete.

  • Yet another overpriced fashion accessory

    What pros the iPhone 6 does have is massively outweighed by the simple fact that the technology that Apple are trying to flog for a premium price is anything but cutting edge. The LG Nexus 4 contained exactly the same specs, and yet was released two years ago for a fraction of the cost. I'm never even sure what exactly the pros for an iPhone are!

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