Do the pros of video games outweigh the cons?

Asked by: Valkrin
  • What exactly are the cons (or the pros for that matter).

    Liek, what are they? A bunch fo statistics that only work given the context of the way you phrase it? I get that kids that spend all their time indoors playing video games are usually fat, but that's not the fault of video games. That's spending all your time indoors doing nothing, which isn't exactly new. Also not exactly a new thing: people being violent lunatics.

    Oh what's that? You say violent lunatics enjoy watching violence? Well then maybe it's rational to think they'd enjoy acts of violence in a video game. But the game didn't turn them into violent sociopaths, that's not how it works.

    However, before you go shouting I'm some kind of fanboy or whatever, it's not like video games are this holy grail of awesome. I mean, they're a thing to do. The only legittimate pro I can think of for video games is that they're fun. They're not educational, and they don't help with focus or hand eye co-ordination beyond like 1%. They're also not stress relief. If I'm shouting at my screen because I just died for the bajillionth time in Dark Souls, I'm not in a stress-free environment.

    What I'm tyring to say is that the answer is yeah they do, because video games are fun, and the cons are only circumstancial, and have awful evidence to back them up.

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