Do the reasons for pregnancy sometimes justify abortion?

  • Instances of impregnation through rape do justify abortion.

    Rape is the worst crime, besides murder, that a woman can go through. I cannot imagine being a rape victim let alone being impregnated by a rapist. We as human beings can not expect a rape victim to carry a baby to full term if the baby is conceived during a rape. Every day a woman carries a baby from a rape could cause her to re-live the incident over again. The victim has suffered enough having to go through such a heinous crime. She should not have to endure carrying a child that was caused by such an event.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • If it is done immediately after conception, I do believe rape pregnancies can be morally aborted.

    I believe it is morally acceptable to terminate a pregnancy shortly after conception in the case of a rape. The gift of life is something that two people in a committed relationship should share. When these bounds are broken and a girl is taken advantage of, it is not her responsibility to be accountable for the unborn child. I believe if the pregnancy is caught soon enough, then it is okay to have an abortion.

    Posted by: OIi0IymPic
  • A Woman Should Have Full Bodily Autonomy At All Stages Of Anything She Decides To Do

    A woman should be able to have an abortion at any point.

    She should have full autonomy over her body at any stage of anything that she undergoes. The reason for pregnancy might be a birth control fail, morning after pill fail, or just both people were drunk, and decided to have sex.

    A woman doesn't have to be degraded by a man to "deserve" an abortion. Fuck off with that nonsense.

  • Abortion is never a solution to any pregnancy that resulted in any illegal or unprepared cause.

    What should be considered is whether that was the first or last time the cause happens. Taking for instance, rape cases, no one is sure whether that was the last time it happens or teenage pregnancy, they are going to have sex and an unending chain of abortion is going to be much longer and longer.

  • No justication is required and your personal view on morals is just that - your PERSONAL view.

    Morals are subjective and change within cultures and societies. If you look at history, morals change from generation to generation as our understanding of the world changes and superstition recedes.

    As for a woman having to justify her reason(s) for aborting - she doesn't have to. It's her body and her life so it's her choice.

    In the case of rape, there are many things for the survivor that finds herself pregnant from it to consider. Is she physically up to gestating on top of whatever injuries she may have sustained in the assault? Is she psychologically able to handle gestating her rapist's child? Is she ready for the financial responsibilities of gestating - doctor's bills, possible loss of work/wages during delivery & recovery? That list goes on.

    Then there's what to do afterwards. Keep the rapist's child or give it up for adoption. What if you couldn't prove it was rape (or couldn't handle reporting it because of the emotional trauma - reporting it and going through the legal process isn't easy) and your rapist is aware that you're pregnant and fights for custody? A paternity test would prove he's the father and that means legally he has a say in it. (Rape is about control and gestating the rapist's child could give him some control over your life until that child becomes an adult. The ultimate power trip for the rapist if you think about it.) Would you want your rapist raising the child? Would you want to be forced to raise it so that he doesn't? Would you want to be made to pay child support to your rapist if he got custody? If you have custody, he could have visitations and you're now connected to that animal for the rest of your life because of that child.

    This may seem far-fetched but it's not. The way our legal system works this kind of situation can and probably does happen. So before you start judging rape survivors for aborting, you might want to consider the bigger picture. It isn't always a clear cut case of put it up for adoption and go on with your life like some seem to think.

  • Scientific facts vs Moral Opinion

    I have read both the arguments fore and against this topic both on this and other forums, and have come to the conclusion that most of them against abortion for any reason are primarily emotionally and morally based, whereas those fore are a mixture of both facts and opinion. As a 3rd year Zoology student and a committed Christian, my personal opinion is somewhere between the opposite extremes.

    These are the scientific facts:
    A foetus only becomes a life at approximately a month to five weeks when the heart, brain and other internal organs start to develop. Before that it is a mass of human cells (embryo) that potentially may or may not develop into a human being. Many women abort very young embryos without even knowing that they were pregnant during the natural menstruation cycle.

    In the natural world young lives of animals are aborted through many various circumstances such as infanticide, resorption of the fetus into the females body, still birth and cannibalism. Most of these are repugnant to the human sensibilities as we are of the opinion that we are more civilised than that. In truth, animals will only abort a pregnancy if it is due to circumstances that endanger their own lives or the lives of their species. Some are due to natural selection and survival of the fittest.

    Morally, although I understand the horror some people feel that abortion is murder under any circumstances, one only needs to look at the animal kingdom to be able to see where the true motives for abortion is justified. But we are not animals, most will say! But we are, and with a very thin, easily breakable civility that makes us believe that we are superior.

    In instances where a woman/ girl (and man/ boy) falls pregnant due to irresponsibility, especially when contraceptives are freely and easily available, they should bare the responsibility of providing for that baby, where within their own home or the home of adoptive parents. In circumstances when the mother fell pregnant due to rape or incest, in dire medical circumstances or in countries where women are seen as nothing more than possessions, abortion should be an option when the life of the mother will be severely affected.

    One cannot jump on ones moral high horse when one does not know the circumstances in which the mother finds herself. As a Christian I believe that God wishes us to live long and productive lives, filled with love and fullfillment. If a pregnancy and subsequent birth and raising of a child will not accomplish that, then so be it. There are always exceptions to every rule and there will always be people that regret decisions they have made, but they cannot stand as a yardstick for the majority.

    Many people

  • It is a woman's body; therefore, it is a woman's right

    Whether or not there is or isn't a reason, the ultimate question would be ...
    Why should anyone, other than that person, have any say over someone else's body?
    This is the land of the free not the land of any one person saying what is right for another person. Freedom does include the right to have control over one's self's body. A main example would be that no man should ever have the right to say what happens to a woman or her body. We are not possessions. WE ARE PEOPLE AND WE ARE FREE to make our own choices. We are the chosen ones that were put on this planet to carry and push out our children, and if man were the one's that were chosen to do this they would be my guest to make this choice as well, but they are not. There is a reason that God made women the reproducers and not men. We are emotional and more in tune to what we as humans need and we are the more caring of the species, in that department. Another point is that when humans die, they are not considered dead until their brain is dead. This is done in the death penalty and usually when a human is pronounced dead; therefore, wouldn't that be the same for when a human life is considered to be alive. This does not happen until the 8th week of the embryo's process of so called life. Rape, Incest and Medical Necessity are just a few reasons that a person could need an abortion. There a several reason that could be sub-categorized as to each. For IE medical Necessity could be a mental defect or disability, That the mother will die if the baby is born or if the baby has a medical disability that will not allow a child to live to it's full potential. Another viable question should be ...
    Why would a mothers life that is already alive and capable to live, not be more important than an unborn virus. I am not trying to be callus but these are reasonable questions. And last but not least, if you have not been raped the you also do not have viable evidence to make this call, abortion, for anyone that has been. All in all, there are more important thing that should be focused on; There are thousand actually hundreds of thousands of foster care children that are in need of homes. So as an American, I say let's focus more on these needs than sticking our noses in other peoples business that is not relative to our own homes

  • Many women who choose abortion don't have the financial resources to support a child.

    73% of respondents said they could not afford to have a baby, and 38% said giving birth would interfere with their education and career goals. Reproductive choice protects women from financial disadvantage.

    Abortion is an effective tool for population control. Malnutrition, starvation, poverty, lack of medical and educational services, pollution, underdevelopment, and conflict over resources are all consequences of overpopulation.

  • It's her choice

    Personally, I have never been through this experience, how ever being raped would be traumatizing enough with out the added stress of others pressuring the victim to keep the pregnancy.
    I believe that society should focus more attention on catching and bringing the offender to justice other then worrying about what the victim does with HER body.

  • The Word "God" Should NEVER be Your Point of Argument

    "Things Happen for a Reason" "GOD wanted it" I'm also sure GOD wanted the mother to know the feelings of disgust and being trapped every time she looked at the face of her child and saw the man who physically and mentally raped her. I'm sure GOD wanted that 13 year old girl to give birth to a child who shares it's DNA with her uncle. I'm SO sure GOD wants the children born to unprepared and under aged parents to not hit milestones, act out and fail out of school and life because the parents couldn't support it. Ultimately, it is the mother's choice and the mother's body. The thought of being forced to stay pregnant is so disgusting, it sends a chill up my spine.

  • Have you ever heard the saying "everything happens for a reason?"

    There is a reason the baby is being conceived. GOd wants it here for a reason. Abortion is murder. Murder is illegal. Don't become a murderer just because someone hurt you. It doesn't matter the situation. If it such a big deal, have the baby and put it up for adoption. Don't kill it

  • Abortion is murder.

    Life begins at conception. A fetus develops critical organs such as the brain, heart, and lungs as early as 5 weeks old. In cases of rape, while what the woman went through is awful, the life of the un-born child should not be punished because of the mistake of the man. The fetus did nothing wrong. And if the mother does not want the baby, adoption is a perfectly acceptable option. Murder is wrong no matter how old the fetus/person is.

  • Abortion is murder, no matter what the reason for pregnancy.

    A life begins at conception. It is not okay to just toss that life aside, because that new life did not commit any crime or cause its own situation. Don't punish the innocent for the sins of the parents. Should human beings be condemned to death, just for existing? No. But, it is what we do to babies. And, yes, they are babies.

    Posted by: OvalKurtis26
  • i agree with the other two abortion is morally wrong no matter what the situation is

    whether the rape victim aborts the baby or not she will have that constant reminder of what what the night she was raped. when you abort a child your killing a life no matter what u agrue. if u feel the mother will not be able to love the child as her own, then at least give it up for adoption. There are other ways a person can deal with a situation as rape

  • No, just because a woman is raped does not mean she has the right to abort her baby.

    While there is no justification for rape, there is certainly no justification for abortion in my view. No one disputes how horrid a crime of rape is, but one wrong does not justify another wrong. Society tries to excuse one wrong as a result of another wrong, and to me, this is an erroneous argument. Wrong is always wrong, and abortion is wrong. Think about the child - is it right to punish the child?

    Posted by: D Callahan
  • There is nothing that justifies an abortion as it is murder, which is illegal.

    There is no reason a fetus should ever be aborted. Life begins at conception, and to take that life is absolutely murdering a human life. God will not give us more than we can handle, so if a pregnancy happens that is not planned or becomes endangered, one must have faith that God will lead them down the right path.

    Posted by: Z Frye
  • Its never okay

    Abortion is murder, simple as that. You are killing an innocent child, that can't even defend itself. You're making the choice and it's not your choice to make. A child is a gift under any circumstance, if you can't afford to care for a child, or it was done by rape, etc. Adoption is always an option. But if it's because you didn't where protection or if an accident happened, then you should do the right thing by that child.

  • Abortion is selfish murder

    Anyone who wants to abort their childis thinking of one person, themself. They tell themselves their life would be taken away by caring for the child but that isn't the case, it is selfishness that causes people to resort to abortion. The baby did nothing to earn death before being born.

  • Its not the baby's fault

    Alot of people are saying that it is the woman's body so it shouldnt matter what they do with it. Yes it is their body but it is also another life living in their body. When the abortion happens it isnt the mothers body that is getting destroyed it is the baby's in the end. Its not the babys fault that the woman got pregnant. Babys are innocent human beings and have no control over what the mother does for them to be born. They werent asked to be born, it just happened. Why should the baby suffer for someone elses mistakes?

  • No! Not in any case

    Abortion is not the answer in any case. If right now you found out you were the product of rape would you want to end your life or wish your mother had taken it before you were born? Children who are the product of rape deserve to live, have a childhood, grow up, and have children of their own just as much as anyone else. Abortion after rape is punishing the innocent for the wicked's deeds.

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