Do the recent GM recalls make you significantly less likely to purchase a GM vehicle in the future?

  • Of course it dose

    Between their refusal to fix a known problem (really the airbag will not work if the ignition isn't on?) To the government bailout, there should be no reason that any one should be looking towards the general for a new vehicle. Since the feds had to force them to fix their cars I don't see any reason that they wont try to cover up the next safety problem.

  • No interest in GM vehicles to begin with is strengthened by knowledge of safety issues

    I am very particular about the company I buy from when it comes to things like vehicles. I normally pick a favorite and stick with it, and General Motors Co is not my favorite. Would my favorite have ever shifted in GM's favor? Possible, but with news like these recalls running about, I see no reason why that would happen.

  • No the recent GM recalls don't make me less likely to buy a GM vehicle.

    The massive recalls of GM vehicles reflects on the corporate attitude of the "old GM." Since the rebirth of the new GM, post bankruptcy, there is a sense of accountability and pride in workmanship. I would have no problem buying a vehicle produced by the new GM. I also believe that the new GM will take responsibility for the actions of the old GM.

  • They are not perfect, but they have the most experience.

    Over the last 10 years, General Motors has made it known that they are less-than-perfect. From their vehicle recalls to an entire government bailout, no one in America questions its imperfection. However when choosing a new vehicle, my safety, that of my family, and that of those around me are all collectively of paramount importance. While younger car manufacturers may have better technologies or smoother track records, none of them have the amount of experience GM has.

  • No, GM will improve standards and come out stronger.

    It is my belief that the event of a recall such as this forces a company to examine its infrastructure anew. GM will make it their goal to improve overall customer satisfaction and regain trust. Though I will not purchase those vehicles mentioned in the recall, this will not make me less likely to purchase a GM vehicle in the future. I firmly believe that if GM survives this it will be because they took the time and effort to improve their standards and fix the problems.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2014-06-14T13:34:28.713
Embarrassingly, I searched for 'genetically modified cars' after reading the title.