• Yes they do

    Sure I think that if the Red Wings want a new stadium, then they might need one. There is several reasons why they might need a newer stadium. They want the new stadium to be closer to downtown Detroit. A new stadium also might bring in more fans to the games.

  • Yes,the Red Wings need a new stadium.

    Yes,the Red Wings need a new stadium.Every sports team around could improve their revenues with the help of modern technology.Fans also want the latest and greatest when it comes to amenities and aren't just satisfied with a historical stadium.If the Red Wings want to go to the next level they should definitely get a new stadium.

  • Yes they do

    Yes, I think that the Red Wings definitely need a new stadium since the current one is falling apart. As a hockey fan who has been to a game where the Red Wings play, I was stunned about what I saw inside the facilities, and I think the time is now for a new stadium.

  • Their stadium is nostalgic.

    No, the Red Wings do not need a new stadium, because they have had plenty of success in the stadium that they are in. The Red Wings are one of the powerhouse teams. There is no need to make changes now, and that includes their stadium. The best stadiums are the historic ones.

  • No they don't

    Even though their city council has voted to approve funding, the Red Wings don't need a new stadium. There seems to be significant public opposition to a new entertainment complex. Even with tax breaks, there is concern that a new complex would violate laws limiting how much the state can spend each year. Detroit is not financially solvent yet, and this might not help.

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