• The rich care about the poor.

    Most people think that rich people only think about them selves. I believe that is true in some cases. However, many of the rich people in this world donate sometimes millions of dollars to causes such as these. This is why I believe that the rich do care about the poor.

  • Yes, there are rich people that care about the poor.

    Many rich people most definitely care about the poor. Even if one overlooks the millions of working poor people that make a living by working for someone wealthy, there are numerous other things that the rich do to benefit others at the lower-end of society. Many wealthy individuals have donated substantial sums of money for important causes to help the poor: fund scholarships for low income students to attend schools, colleges and universities; support habitat for humanity housing projects for the homeless; soup kitchens, food pantries, clothing centers, low income medical care and so much more. In short, many rich people have opened up their hearths and wallets to help the poor in society.

  • The rich do not care about the poor.

    Though there is a sizeable population of rich people who are definitely humanitarians and have been donating huge sums of money for the poor, the vast majority of rich do not care much about the poor. Poverty is a condition which people can move out of even if only a few super rich genuinely ensured that they shared their wealth with the poor.

  • Not in enough numbers to help in any meaningful way.

    When saying rich we are talking of the aggregate of all the rich. Individually there are those amongst the financial elite that donate time and money, perhaps even setting up a foundation to tackle specific problems poverty produces. However as a block they do little else but perpetuate there own wealth and position. Fund raisers, you know the tuxedo, limo, press photo fund raisers. Wtf, if these people cared why do they need a very public fund raiser to give?

  • If you have a computer and are reading this you are rich.

    Now ask yourself, have you done anything to help a third world country? Probably not. You probably don't even consider yourself rich but if you household has about or more than the average american salary you are considered to be rich. You may doubt that but you probably earn more than a dollar a day right? Well that's how much some families have to live off of. Have you even tried to help out your local homeless people? If no then that is living proof that rich people don't care about the poor.

  • No, I do not think the rich genuinely care about the poor.

    No, I do not think the rich genuinely care about the poor because income inequality is a major problem in the United States and in other parts of the world. Although rich people invest their wealth in philanthropic organizations, most of these acts are for show and also help improve their public image.

  • No, they find ways to rationalize their wealth.

    Everyone cares about the poor to some extent, but most of us don't really do anything about it. In fairness, there's not much we can do. However, rich people can do a little bit more. They don't because they find ways to justify the fact that they have way more money than they need, while others have nothing. They believe the narrative that they are "hardworking," while others with less money are "lazy." This allows them to not feel guilty.

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