• I believe they do.

    The rich are frequently Republicans and since there aren't enough rich people to vote to make the Republicans win every time, they have been using the tactic of appealing to racists to vote for them for decades. Perpetuating things that aren't true about minorities definitely fuels their fan bases fire and keeps racism going strong.

  • The rich fuel racism

    The rich do fuel racism. If people look up to rich and famous they will follow in their foot steps. A chain reaction begins with one and then a group. Rich people have a vioce louder than a normal person. When a rich and famous person says what they believe many people listen.

  • I know it's not the rich

    My parents don't care for rich people and are prejudiced in a way. A lot of people are raised that way and it's believed to have existed for most of human history. The modern anti-racism is a modern creation and it's having a back lash among the old and young

  • This is another stupid statement to make

    You'll find racists anywhere. Racism didn't happen in America because oh they followed the rich and famous lol. Stupid. Racism happened because that's how white people were back then. They couldn't help it. It's how they raised. To hate. Jim Crow laws. Racism wasn't something of the rich. What do you think racism is (race ism). Hatred of one clan by the other.,

  • Of course not.

    Why would people vote yes for this? Do these people think racism is one sided? There are racists on the right, in the middle and on the left. If anybody fuels racism, it's the left. Some people get accused of being a racist just because they didn't vote for a black man. That's a lie. I was accused of racism because I didn't vote for President Obama. That's not true. I'm not a racist. I didn't vote for Obama for the same reason I didn't vote for anybody on the right, because I'm a centrist.

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